GA QB Gets Home Visit

Bad weather forced <b>Jordan Lyons</b> to cancel a visit to Penn State. Will he reschedule that visit? Is Maryland still recruiting Lyons after getting a commitment from Jordan Steffy? What are his options?

Name: Jordan Lyons
Position: QB
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 220 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.68 at Nike Camp
Bench Press: 255 pounds
School: Woodward Academy, College Park, GA

It had been reported that Jordan Lyons had narrowed his college choices to Stanford, Maryland and Penn State after taking an official visit to Michigan State and pushing them down the list. Somewhat surprisingly given his 1300 SAT scores, Jordan did not get accepted at Stanford and they are no longer an option for him. Stanford offered no explanation for his rejection. Jordan sounded quite disappointed about the Stanford situation.

Jordan discovered on Monday that another option had dropped off the table with Jordan Steffy's commitment to Maryland last week.

"They signed Steffy and they're not looking to sign anybody else."

Is anyone else besides Penn State interested?

"I'm hoping to grab a few. Notre Dame called my coach recently. They were supposed to call but didn't. Hopefully they will call sometime soon. My coach is going to call them back and see if they're still in the market. Maybe I can add them to the list. But, other than that, it's just Penn State."

Jordan will probably make an official visit to Penn State in January and has no other official visits planned at this time. He did make an unofficial visit to Penn State for the Indiana game. The Nittany Lion coaches have stayed in touch.

"Coach Jay Paterno came down to see my family last week. He was nice. He showed me a tape of Michael Robinson and Zack Mills and how they use both of them."

Is Penn State your favorite?

"They're pretty much the only one," he laughed.

Is Penn State a fallback or do you have genuine interest?

"I do have interest. I can fall back on Michigan State or any of the other schools that offered me. Penn State is genuinely interested and they keep calling."

Penn State is not pressuring Jordan for a commitment. Is he worried about losing out?

"I don't know. I've kind of had trouble with my schools as of late as you can tell."

What do you like about Penn State?

"I like Coach Paterno. I like the fact that he's been there for a long time and he always seems to have the winning edge, besides this year. They're a very respectable team and they're often feared when it comes to the Big 10."

Any reservations about Penn State?

"The fact that Joe Paterno may not be there for awhile. Weather is not a big factor."

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