Gets Visit from Joe Paterno

<b>Dwayne Hendricks</b> is one of the best defensive linemen in the country. Joe Paterno visited him at his school on Tuesday. Is Penn State in the mix? Are all of his visits set? Does he have a favorite?

Name: Dwayne Hendricks
Position: DE
Height: 6'3 1/2"
Weight: 251 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.8 at Nike Camp
Bench Press: 17 reps of 185 at Nike Camp
School: Millville Senior HS, Millville, NJ

Dwayne Hendricks is rated by The Insiders as the #5 defensive end in the country and has received at least 30 scholarship offers. It is only recently, though, that Penn State has surfaced as one of the finalists for Dwayne. The soft-spoken Hendricks, who is fully qualified academically, explained how Penn State has gotten back into the hunt.

"I've had an offer from them for awhile. They were recruiting me early and kind of messed up. They said they were looking only for defensive tackles and that I could play tackle, but I didn't want to. Then, Coach Paterno himself came back and said there was a mixup and that they are looking for rush ends and that's what I see myself possibly playing. "

Joe Paterno visited Dwayne at his school on Tuesday. How did that go?

"It went pretty good. He was telling me about the school and how it's a good place, close by home, and brought up other good points like academics. I'm looking into majoring in business and he said they have one of the top, well-known business schools in the world. He talked about his goals in football and how I can be a part of helping him. (His goals are) winning another championship and having another undefeated season."

Is he really interested in Penn State?

"Yeah. Its close by my home and there's really no downside. I haven't been up there but I will go up there and see how I feel around the players. They're a good school. Growing up in this area you hear a lot about Penn State. They always had a dominant season. They've had an undefeated season in each decade. Last year they had three defensive linemen in the NFL draft so they send guys to the league. If I don't make it to league, academic-wise, if I need a job I know I'll have no trouble finding one in this region."

Dwayne has already taken visits to Michigan, Iowa and Virginia and has a January 16 visit scheduled to Miami. Where might he go for his fifth visit?

"Possibly going out to Penn State or shooting down to Florida, its still up in the air right now. I always wanted to take a trip out to California so maybe a school out on the west coast like UCLA.

"I could just work it out so I take an unofficial up there (Penn State). I have a lot of options. I'll think about the fifth visit when I'm out at the All American Bowl all-star game."

All the schools he has visited or will visit have already offered scholarships. Does he have a favorite?

"Probably not."

Which coaches do you get along the best with?

"I'd have to say all of them." Chuckling, he added, "Of course they've got to be nice to you. They all sound like real genuine people. Especially Coach Paterno, Coach Groh, Coach Ferentz and Coach Coker. It's hard to distinguish which one I like better."

So what factors will Dwayne consider in deciding where to go?

"I've narrowed it down to one thing. Pretty much how I feel at the school. They're all going to have good academics of course. I've have put myself in a positon where they're all either going to be top football teams or teams on the rise. So it basically funnels down to how I feel there. Distance is not really a factor. I've put myself in a spot where all these teams are on national TV. I can get my mom to get the game in the area if they can't drive there or take a plane."

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