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Last season, Camden (Wilson HS) product <b>Elijah Robinson</b> signed with Tulane over Penn State. But he never made it on to the field or into the classroom. What happened? Did he reopen his recruiting? Who are his finalists?

Name: Elijah Robinson
Position: DT
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 300 pounds
School: Camden, Nj. (Wilson HS)

Last recruiting season, Camden, Nj. (Wilson HS) defensive lineman, Elijah Robinson, broke the hearts of many Nittany Lion fans when he surprisingly chose to attend Tulane.  Although Elijah traveled down to New Orleans, he never attended a class or suited up for the Green Wave.

"I didn't qualify with my SAT scores, so I had to return home for a semester.  When I returned home, my recruiting started all over again and I decided to make some trips," said Elijah, who is now eligible after recently scoring a qualifying 920 on the standardized test.

Since reopening his recruitment, Elijah has seen Purdue, Indiana, and Penn State--all of which have offered him a scholarship. But what about the Green Wave, do they still factor into his decision?

"They're out," stated Elijah frankly.

Elijah visited Indiana on November 22 and Purdue on December 12th, but what about the Nittany Lions?

"Actually I went down there for the Indiana game (November 15th)," Elijah said, adding it was an unofficial visit.  "I went on an official there (Penn State) my senior year of high school, so I already knew."

Elijah admitted to LionNews that he has eliminated Indiana, narrowing his choice down to Penn State and Purdue.  According to Elijah, each school brings nearly identical qualities to the table.  What does he like about each program.

"Opportunity to play early, the players on the team, the coaches, and the academic program," said Elijah of both schools.

Penn State keeps in touch with Elijah quite regularly.  Both Coach Brian Norwood and Coach Larry Johnson are recruiting him for the Nittany Lions.  How often do you speak with them?

"About everyday.  Since they were able to make unlimited calls--everday.  I talked to Coach Norwood yesterday," said Elijah. "He was just checking on me, seeing how things were doing.  He was just making sure I was still feeling good about Penn State."  Joe Paterno has not yet made an in-home visit with Robinson.

Because Elijah just received his qualifying SAT score, he will be able to enroll in school during the spring semester.  What makes him even more enticing to both Penn State and Purdue is during his hiatus from football, Elijah worked hard in the weight room, adding nearly 35 pounds to his 265 pound frame.  He now checks in at 6'3'', 300 pounds.

"I was just working out, lifting," Elijah said coolly.  "I've been known to gain about 25-35 pounds every off season since high school."

Between Purdue and Penn State, does he have a leader?

"No.  I haven't made my decision yet--but definitely by the first of the year."

(Interview by Steve Curry)

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