PSU After Texas DE

Larry Dibbles has unbelievable quickness for a young man of his size and strength. Most every school in the country is after the Texan, including the Nittany Lions.

Name: Larry Dibbles
Position: DE / FB (30 % of the time on offense)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 275 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.58 (at Oklahoma camp)
Bench Press: 440 pounds
School: Lancaster High School, Lancaster, Texas

Larry Dibbles is without a doubt one of the top defensive line prospects in the nation.  Off the field, he is very polite and well-spoken.  On the field, he is an offensive lineman's worst nightmare.  Although Larry admits to performing "very well" this season, his team is struggling right now.

"Right now, we're 2-5 overall, 1-1 in the district," Larry said.  "We're in a four-way tie for 2nd place in one of the toughest districts in the state of Texas, so we're definitely in the race.  Preseason record doesn't count, it all starts in district.  Right now 1-1 isn't so bad I guess so we have to keep it up."

Larry recently counted up his offers and arrived at a total of 75.  He did acknowledge that Penn State is one of those many teams that has offered.  Larry likes Penn State because of its' tradition and says that Penn State is one of the teams he is considering.

"I haven't shut the door on anyone.  Right now I'm listing Notre Dame, Texas and Oklahoma as my top 3 teams, because they are the ones I've visited unofficially and that I'm familiar with."

Larry has also visited Texas A&M unofficially.  He does not yet have any official visits scheduled and will start taking them towards the end of his season or after.  Larry admits that it is still early in the recruiting process for him.

"It's a long process.  It's a process that started during the summer for me.  What will happen is my parents and I will sit down and reach an agreement about what schools we think are best for Larry Dibbles.  It'll be a business decision within the family, and we'll visit the schools that we think are best for me.  Distance, out-of-state, in-state, won't be a factor.  My family says that I'm mature enough to go off out of state if I need to, as long as it's the best decision.  If the best decision is out of state, then we'll go out of state, if it's in state, we'll stay in state."

Larry is not really concerned about how teams are doing right now, but is looking to see which teams will compete for the national championship in the years ahead.

"I'm pretty mature about it, so I'm looking through this year and trying to look at what is going to happen the next 2 or 3 years."

Larry is looking for a school with a "player's coach".

"When I say a player's coach, I mean a coach that may have possibly played the game before.  If not, he definitely understands what his athletes are going through from every aspect of the game.  He can relate to his players well and has a good understanding with his guys."

Coach Brian Norwood is recruiting Larry for Penn State.

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