(Photo courtesy of the Rice Football Webletter)">
(Photo courtesy of the Rice Football Webletter)">

DL Transfers To Join Brother at PSU

Jim Shaw, the elder brother of PSU freshman defensive tackle John Shaw, is transferring to Penn State from Rice University to play football for the Nittany Lions. What position will the 6'4", 260-pounder play?<br><br>(Photo courtesy of the <a href="http://www.ricefootball.net">Rice Football Webletter</a>)

"Coach Kenney said to get him up there about January 7," said the Shaw brothers' father, Jim Shaw. "That gives him a couple days to pick his classes out and all that.

"He was always thinking about [transferring to PSU], but this was like his do-or-die year to try it. It was either this year or never."

Despite Jim's early success at Rice, the opportunity to join his brother at Penn State was just too good to pass up.

"He redshirted his first year (2002) and this was his freshman redshirt year and he ended up starting every game and had a pretty decent season.

"But, he wanted to play with John, combined with the fact that his two sisters are going to go there, and combined with the fact that my parents from Connecticut are moving to Pennsylvania. He was more or less out of the loop down there in Texas."

Jim Shaw, who will be on scholarship at Penn State for the next 3 years, must sit out the 2004 season per NCAA rules. He will, however, be allowed to practice with the team. Jim will be eligible to play for the Nittany Lions in 2005 and 2006. At what position does the coaching staff envision him playing?

"Initially, they had stated either defensive-end or maybe even a linebacker position.

"They like John's work ethic and Jimmy's the same. Of course, they weren't just going to give him a scholarship based on the fact that he's John's brother. So, I guess somebody had film of the Texas game because it was on ESPN and the coaches had viewed that.

"[Jim] can run in the low 4.6's, high 4.5's. He's fast. John's fast too, but John's a few more pounds heavier. He's always been a little faster than John, but he's also been a little leaner too."

John Shaw earned playing time as a true freshman this season, although he appeared in only 5 games.

"It's just as well, because now he knows he can play. He has the confidence. Even though he only played sparingly, just a little taste of it got him hungry for this year.

"He's bent on playing and he's working out very hard. I think he sees an opportunity, so he's going for it.

"The coaches say they don't want him over 285 when he reports in January. They want him to slowly progress. He's got a big frame and he was in very good shape, but he hit 285 like there was no tomorrow. They didn't want him to gain it too quickly."

Neither John nor Jim will be outworked and their presence should help bolster the Nittany Lion defense over the next 3 seasons.

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