NJ DT Makes Decision

Camden (Wilson HS) product <b>Elijah Robinson</b> had previously narrowed his college choices to Penn State and Purdue. Has he made a decision? Will he enroll in the spring?

Name: Elijah Robinson
Position: DT
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 300 pounds
School: Camden, NJ (Wilson HS)

In an update on December 22, LionNews reported that Elijah Robinson had narrowed his choices to Penn State and Purdue. Steve Curry touched base with Elijah on Saturday night (January 3) to get the latest on his decision.

Elijah was already fully qualified with a 920 SAT score, but re-took the SATs in hopes of scoring even higher and avoiding any unexpected enrollment issues. Now that he has received the results of the latest test, has he made a decision?

"I did reach a decision," Elijah said. "I have my qualifying score. I got a 950 on my SATs. Now, I'm just waiting to hear back from the school to let me know if I'll be able to enroll in January. "

The school to which Elijah is referring is Penn State. Robinson has been recruited by coaches Larry Johnson and Brian Norwood. When did he tell Penn State of his decision?

"I've been recruited by them for two years. I've been talking to the coaches for awhile now. They pretty much knew where I was leaning towards."

What did Elijah like about Penn State?

"Just the relationship with the coaches. Just knowing the coaches for two years."

With last season's problems defending the run, Penn State would seem to need help in the interior defensive line. What did the coaches say about early playing time?

"Coming in the spring will help me win a position real fast. They need help on the inside. They're looking for someone to come in with already a mature body frame and a mature body to play early."

Is there any doubt regarding being able to enroll for the spring semester at Penn State?

"It's just a matter of trying to get all the paperwork done. They said there's a real good chance. They hope that everything falls into place. They're waiting for the (NCAA) clearinghouse and all that to go through. They will let me know by January 7th."

Elijah is placing great importance on being able to enroll for the spring semester. What if he doesn't get into Penn State for the spring semester?

"If not, I'm letting all schools know I'm still available. If I don't enroll at Penn State in January, I hope to enroll somewhere else. I'm just sitting here waiting. I want to get to it."

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