Ron Morton Update

WR Ron Morton from New Jersey just took an official visit to Virginia this past weekend. He talks about his visit, and whether or not he plans to visit Penn State as well.

Name: Ron Morton
Position: WR
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.35
Bench Press: 270 pounds
School: Hamilton West High School, Hamilton, New Jersey

Ron's team is currently 5-1.  He bruised his shoulder during a scrimmage at the beginning of the season and missed the first 2 games as a result.  He has 5 touchdowns so far this season.

As of August, Ron had around 16 scholarship offers.

"I think there have been some more," Ron said, "but I've pretty much narrowed all my choices down to Georgia Tech, Virginia, Maryland, Pitt, Penn State and Rutgers.

"I've already been on an official visit to Virginia.  I just came back this weekend.  It was real nice.  I like the campus, the academic facilities and everything.  I like the people there, I like the coaching staff.  It's real nice.  Plus, I got to hang out with some of the players.  I met the other recruits.  I met Marcus Vick and Michael Johnson.  There was another recruit (DT Jason Alford) with me from Orange, NJ on an official visit.  

"They gave me a tour of the school.  I talked to the computer science professor.  The players gave me a tour of their facilities.  I got a chance to sit down and talk with Coach Al Groh and to all the other coaches of the team.  

"I went with my mom and my grandmom.  It is my mom's favorite.  She likes Virginia a lot.  She likes the academics, how strong the academics are.  It's a real prestigious school for academics.  60% or 70% of what we talked about was academics. You can't beat it, it's real nice, and the tradition that they have there.  

"I enjoyed the game.  They were leading into the 4th quarter, but then things started to break down and people didn't catch passes.  You got to catch the ball.

"That was my first official visit.  I'm supposedly going to Georgia Tech on December 15 and then Maryland sometime in January.  I'm supposedly going to Rutgers November 30 to December 2nd. 

"I don't have an exact date for Maryland, but December 15th I know I'm going to Georgia Tech with Pierre.  Pierre Odom is another wide receiver from my team.  His grades were the issue, but now he's brought his grades up.  I know he's being recruited by Wisconsin, Akron, Temple and Rutgers.  Wisconsin has come the closest to offering Pierre.  If we end up at the same school, that would be great, but we have different things we're looking for.  It looks like he might play strong safety in college."

Ron is not yet sure as to where he will be taking his 5th official visit.

"I'm not sure, it's between Pitt and Penn State, that's what the issue is.  That would be the 5th one.  I talked about going on a visit with Coach Ligashesky from Pitt, but I haven't actually set up a date.  I've been up to Penn State a couple times for the camps, they noticed me at the camps.  I've been up there for some games and other reasons too.  I didn't get a tour of the academic facilities, but I've seen everything football related.  It can go either way."

Ron has 2 top teams right now.

"Virginia and Georgia Tech are my favorites.  I haven't been down to Georgia Tech."

Maryland is 3rd right now and Penn State is 4th.

"They [Penn State] need to get it together.  I think they need a better recruiting class, that's what it is.  They need more athletes.  Penn State is around 4th because of the type of offense.  If I were to go there, I don't want to block my whole 4 years of college.  They have a real old style of offense, not so much of spreading the ball out.  They have a basic I-formation where there are only like 2 receivers in the formation.  It depends on how many receivers they have in there already, going to the school."

Ron will be taking the SAT on November 3rd for the first time contrary to other reports.  He has been taking prep classes for the SAT and is confident he will do well.

The only schools he has visited unofficially are Penn State and Rutgers.  He will probably take all of his other official visits before making a final decision.

August 31 Ron Morton article

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