Mass DE is Hot Commodity

Jim Unis is widely considered to be the top prospect in the state of Massachusetts, and one of the top DE prospects in the country.

Name: Jim Unis
Position: DE / TE
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 235 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.7 (at school and at Boston College camp)
School: Gloucester High School, Gloucester, Massachusetts

Goucester High is 6-0 this year.  They are hoping for a repeat performance of their Division III Superbowl Championship season last year.  Jim Unis plays both DE and TE for Gloucester, and has contributed enormously to the success of the team, even though his stats may not be ground shaking.

"I don't have good stats," Jim said.  "I have all-right stats.  I had 11 or 12 sacks last year, and about 90-something solo tackles.  This year is not good, because nobody runs to my side.  It's really frustrating.  Nobody throws in my conference either."

Even so, many schools have noticed the tremendous talent that Jim possesses, and have offered Unis a scholarship.

"I think I have 12, Boston College, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Michigan State, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Penn State, UConn and some others.  There have been a ton that said they would offer, but I haven't sent them film, and things just haven't gone through.  Syracuse said they would.  I don't know if they have.  Maryland offered me.  South Carolina offered me too.  Southern Cal was supposed to, but I haven't sent them film yet.  Once they see me, they said they will."

According to Jim, BC, Notre Dame, Southern Cal and Texas A&M are recruiting him the hardest.  There have been many other schools that have called "to get in the race", but Jim's coach, Terry Silva,  told many of them 'thanks, but no thanks'.  Some of those schools were Oklahoma, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and UNLV.

Jim has not scheduled any official visits yet.  He has unofficially visited Boston College several times, including once for a camp this summer.  He has also taken unofficial visits to Harvard and Dartmouth.

Is he considering Ivy League schools as well?

"I'd rather not say, it'll all come out soon though.  I'm getting there.  I'm coming down to what I really want to do."

Does his many visits to BC indicate that they are a favorite?

"No, I really don't want to say if you don't mind.  I kind of know what I want to do right now, kind of, to a degree, but I don't really want to say.  I'm not really sure.  This last week has been kind of crazy.  I would just like to say that I'm undecided or open."

Jim listed atmosphere, education, reputation and character of the people (coaches) as factors into his decision-making process.  Location does not make much of a difference to Jim.  He has been studying prospective teams.

"I like to look at what the defensive line runs, and how they're coached.  I like to look at what type of caliber defensive line they have.  I like to talk to the coach and get a feel for how he is."

When does he think he will make a decision?

"I'm not sure, probably in the next week or two.  I've been narrowing things down, and thinking a lot lately.  It's just been really crazy, it really has.  It's been unbelievable.  I know a lot of people in my town, and everyone's giving their input.  I kind of want to make a decision now, and I've really been thinking about it a lot."

Is he planning on making any official visits?

"Hopefully, yeah, I was planning on it, but I'm not really sure.  Right now, you kind of caught me at a really confusing time as you can tell.  I haven't really finalized it yet.  I'm not going to rush into anything.  I'm still weighing out everything."

Jim was unsure as to who is recruiting him for PSU.

"I haven't talked to anyone from Penn State in a while.  They might have tried to get a hold of me, I've just got a lot of stuff going on."

He has been considering Penn State, at least to some degree.

"Kind of, one of my former coaches really speaks highly of them.  His daughter goes there.  He gives me the good word about Penn State, and how awesome it is.  I still see him a lot.  He still kind of coaches.  He coached last year, but this year couldn't coach because of personal reasons.

"I think they're a really good school.  They have a good football team, they have good academics, and they have a good reputation.  Look at the coaching staff.  Look at how good and successful they've been.  They have good people working there too.  I've done a lot of research, and I think Penn State's a good school."

Jim is somewhat considering teams' performance in his evaluations.

"I kind of look at that, the coaches and how long they're staying, how they've been doing for the last couple of years, and if they're rebuilding or not.  That all comes into play too."

Jim also has a cousin who, according to Jim, is also being recruited by Penn State.

"My cousin, who I pushed really hard to come out for football this year, is about 6'5", probably has about a high 40 vertical leap, weighs about 210, and is a WR.  He used to just play basketball.  Just after one year of football, UNH is looking at him, and Penn State is too.  They're starting to recruit him just based on about 5 games.  They want clips on him, and are starting to recruit him.  They actually might be coming up for a game to see both me and him.  I heard that from my coach.  My cousin's name is Dan Murray.  This is his first year at WR.  He's a senior, and has great hands.  If he had ever trained for it since he was a freshman, he'd be unbelievable.

Jim has close to a 4.0 GPA, and has obtained a qualifying score on the SAT.


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