GA QB Set to Visit PSU This Weekend

Bad weather forced Georgia quarterback <b>Jordan Lyons</b> to re-schedule a December visit to Penn State for this weekend. What are his other college options? How does Penn State fit into the picture?

Name: Jordan Lyons
Position: QB
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 220 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.68 at Nike Camp
Bench Press: 255 pounds
School: Woodward Academy, College Park, GA

LionNews hadn't spoken to Jordan Lyons since weather forced him to cancel a December visit to Penn State. At that point, Penn State was the only one of his 3 favorites still recruiting him, as Stanford and Maryland had just dropped from the picture. Jordan told us at the time that he was hoping that Notre Dame would also begin recruiting him. We talked to Jordan on January 14 to get the latest on his recruitment.

Jordan told us that his college choice is between Notre Dame and Penn State. Lyons will visit Penn State, who has already offered, on January 16 and Notre Dame on January 23. We re-confirmed that the Penn State visit was this weekend and not on January 30 as had been reported elsewhere.

LionNews asked Lyons how close Notre Dame was to offering a scholarship.

"I've heard that they're going to offer me when I get up there. They might offer me just if Brian Brohm (The Insider's #6 rated QB from Louisville, KY) chooses a different school other than them. I don't know much other than what they've told me, which is not a lot."

When is Brohm expected to make a decision?

"Sometime this week. That's what I've heard."

Is there a chance Jordan will make a decision before the Notre Dame visit?

"There's a possibility I'll do it before, but most likely I just want to see the school."

Is Notre Dame your favorite right now?

"I don't really have a favorite. I'm kind of in between the two. Penn State kind of has to be my favorite because I have an offer. Other than that, I'm kind of floating I guess."

When did Notre Dame begin recruiting him?

"They started in the picture right after the New Year. I pretty much initiated it. I asked my coach to get in touch with them. He did and they seemed fairly interested."

What's their situation at quarterback?

"They're taking two. Brady Quinn only has one backup and his backup is a walk-on."

Do they have any commitments yet?

"They do not." Who are they in on? Jordan continued, "Brian Brohm, a kid from Tennessee named David Wolke (rated 3-Stars by The Insiders) and that's about it."

What interests you about Notre Dame?

"Academics are great. Coach Willingham seems like a great coach. I've heard a lot of good things about him and not very many bad things. If I were to go to Notre Dame I would be second or third string right away which would give me a good chance to beat out Brady Quinn."

What interests you about Penn State?

"Great academics. Tradition. Like I told everyone else, the two most recognized college football uniforms are Blue and Gold and Blue and White. Penn State and Notre Dame are extremely, extremely well known and very, very good academically as well."

Any in-home visits from the head coaches?

"Not from the head coaches. Coach Jay Paterno was down here at school today and Coach Miles (ND) has been by school."

Kenny Carter had been the Penn State coach recruiting Lyons. Jay Paterno took over Jordan's recruitment when Carter moved on to Vanderbilt. We asked Jordan what he and Jay talked about during his visit.

"Just about the situation. I asked him a couple of questions about Zack Mills and Michael Robinson and how they plan to use them and whether Robinson will stay at running back or not after Mills graduates. He gave me some evasive answers and he gave me some straight forward answers about the other kid (Paul Cianciola) that committed already from South Carolina. He said we'd battle it out for the position probably toward our sophomore year because he thinks Michael Robinson and Zack Mills will pretty much run the show for the next two years."

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