GA QB Returns from PSU Visit

Georgia athlete <b>Jordan Lyons</b> took an official visit to Penn State this weekend. Did he enjoy the visit? Will he be visiting Notre Dame next week? What did he tell Penn State about his plans?

Name: Jordan Lyons
Position: QB
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 220 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.68 at Nike Camp
Bench Press: 255 pounds
School: Woodward Academy, College Park, GA

LionNews talked to Jordan Lyons Sunday night after he and his father returned home from his visit to Penn State. Pat Hall, another Georgia product, was Jordan's host for the visit. Jordan seemed to be in very good spirits. How did the visit go?

"It went very well." Jordan was asked to rate the visit. He chuckled, "I'm probably going to be committing there tomorrow, so I guess that's enough of a rate for you."

We asked Jordan what he meant by "probably committing".

Laughing again, he said, "If I'm home to take the call, which I'm probably not going to be." Jordan continued, "But hopefully they'll call back. Mr. Paterno is going to call me tomorrow around 10 after meetings, but I'm going to be at basketball practice. So hopefully he will call back later in the afternoon and I'll get to talk to him. I asked Jay to ask Joe to call me. I pretty much told Jay why."

So you're going to commit?

"Yes, I am."

When LionNews talked to Lyons last week, he indicated that he would probably wait until after his Notre Dame visit to make a final decision. We asked Jordan what drove his decision to pick Penn State now.

"The reasoning was that I felt like I fit in up there and it was a great visit. I had a good time. Its a very family oriented environment. It seems a lot like Athens (Georgia) where I used to live and I loved it there."

Lyons continued, "I got to be around the players. I think the thing that made me think about committing the most was the player panel. They were very well-spoken, very articulate. All of them had more than nice things to say about the university, about Joe." What's the player panel? "The coaches leave and there's a panel of players. The parents and the kids ask questions about the school, about the athletic program, about academics, and things like that. I believe there were about fourteen players (on the panel). They were behind a table and we just kind of ask them questions. Zack Mills was on it, as well as two defensive linemen, most of the hosts were on it as well. Isaac Smolko was on it. He was one of the hosts for one of the kids."

So why didn't Jordan commit while he was at Penn State this weekend?

"I kind of wanted to think it over. He (Joe Paterno) said a few things that I wanted to think about. I got a chance to think about it on the way home and I liked what he said. He said he would give me a shot at quarterback and Jay wants me to play quarterback. While he (Joe Paterno) hasn't seen much from film, he doesn't know all that I can do, just from my numbers. He thinks that there a couple of kids that have a better shot, but if I come out on top I'll be a quarterback."

Jordan would be looked at as a tight end or another position if quarterback didn't work out. Did the coaches give Jordan any sense of urgency regarding accepting a scholarship?

"I know that they're pretty much running out. They've got 22 kids signed. I don't think they have many more spots left."

LionNews talked to Jordan about the perception of many Penn State fans that Penn State really wasn't what he wanted. Was he looking for another option?

"It's always nice to have options. Once Stanford and Maryland were out of the picture I was looking for something else because I wanted to be able to make a decision and go for the best place for me. I basically decided that Penn State was going to be it because the lack of recruiting that Notre Dame has done this year. They've only committed I think eight kids so far. I don't know many of them that were very highly ranked."

He continued, "I just wanted the chance to make a decision on the basis of what I wanted. I wanted to choose between them and someone else."

So was Jordan less than enthusiastic about Penn State?

"No, not at all."

We asked Jordan if Notre Dame had offered yet. He indicated they hadn't but that he might have received one on his planned visit next weekend. That won't happen as he didn't think he would be making a visit to Notre Dame.

Any thoughts on a major yet?

"I haven't thought of it yet. I'm probably just going to on the internet and see what all they have. I talked to people from the business school for an entire lunch and they were pretty nice but I don't know if that's exactly what I want to go into."

And who will Jordan's dad (ex-Georgia Bulldog and Denver Bronco Tommy Lyons) root for if Penn State ends up playing Georgia in a bowl game?

Laughing, Jordan said, "He'll probably have a shirt that's have blue and half red."

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