Ahmad Brooks To Visit PSU?

Ahmad Brooks is arguably the top linebacker prospect in the nation. Penn State has been trying hard to get him to take an official visit to the school. Will he?

Name: Ahmad Brooks
Position: LB / RB
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 230 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5
Bench Press: 360 pounds
School: C.D. Hylton, Woodbridge, Virginia

Ahmad estimates that he probably has more than 20 offers.  He has been narrowing the field, and has already decided to take official visits to a few schools.

"I have official visits set up with Virginia, Virginia Tech and Florida State," the star linebacker said, "but, I don't have the exact dates yet."

He will visit Virginia in January, and will, most likely, visit Florida State in January as well.  He will probably also visit Tennessee officially.  He's going to think about which school to choose for his remaining official visit.  He is thinking about Miami and Penn State as possibilities for that fifth visit.

Ahmad attended the Nike Camp at Penn State in April with his mother and father.  However, he was not too excited about the location of the university.

"When I went up there, I didn't like the atmosphere really.  I'm just talking about where it's at.  It's kind of too country for me.  It just looked like it was in the middle of nowhere."

Nonetheless, he has not ruled out Penn State yet.

"There not out of the picture right now.  There's a possibility I'll visit there.  They just have a good tradition.  I don't know too much about them.  They're on TV a lot though."

Ahmad, like most prospect these days, is looking for early playing time.  Several teams have indicated to Ahmad that they are in need of linebackers to come in and play early.

"The coaches tell me about it.  Florida State needs some linebackers.  Maryland, Pittsburgh and Virginia too.  There are a lot of schools that have linebackers leaving."

Penn State, Larry Johnson specifically, has kept in touch regularly with Ahmad.

"They call me once a week, just like every other school."

Florida State was Ahmad's favorite team growing up, but Virginia is the early leader at this time.

"They're not exactly my favorite.  Right now they're leading, but they're not exactly my favorite."

In addition to Penn State, Ahmad has unofficially visited Virginia, Virginia Tech and Maryland.  He described the atmospheres at Virginia and Virginia Tech as "all right", but likes the atmosphere at those schools "much better" than that at Penn State.

He has talked with fellow super prospect Kai Parham about attending the same school, but plans to make his own decision.

"We have before, when I saw him at UVa, he was like 'If you commit, I'll commit', that's about it."

It seems as though Penn State's chances of signing Ahmad Brooks are slim at this point in time.

"Right now, I'm not really considering Penn State that much, but if I did have to say why I would visit there, it would probably be because it's a linebacker university.  I don't really know too much about Penn State, so I can't really say."

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