Florida Wide-Receiver Visits Penn State

Penn State received an official visit this past weekend from <b>Abner Brown</b>, a wide-receiver from Daytona Beach, Florida. Have the Nittany Lions offered a scholarship? Is the athletic receiver interested in Penn State?

Name: Abner Brown
Position: WR
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215 pounds
40-Yard dash: 4.5 seconds
School: Mainland HS, Daytona Beach, FL

"We played him at tight, in split, flex and Y," said Mainland head coach John Maronto of Abner Brown. "He also played some nickelback and safety. He's very athletic. He is a good basketball player and his vertical jump is 34 inches. He ran 4.5 at the Miami camp.

"Miami really liked him [on offense], then he would turn around and cover this kid from California, one of the top receivers in the nation.

"This kid is a real athlete. He's been on the McDonald's All-American team. He was a real rising prospect in basketball, but you know how some kids are, a lot of them just outgrow basketball or basketball outgrows them and they become more of a football player.

"We played a lot of nickelback against teams like Seabreeze with Xavier Lee, who a lot of people have rated as one of the top 3 quarterbacks and who committed to Florida State. That's our rival. We beat them 50-20 and he was in coverage that game. He played the whole game on defense and was a big factor in shutting down their passing game."

Penn State, though, is interested in Brown as a wide-receiver.

"He's got a great upside. He's got great pure hands. He probably catches the ball cleaner than just about anybody you'll see.

"Career-wise, he caught like 78 balls or something like that. He's a 3-year starter. He's a kid that can go up and get it. He's made a lot of big plays for us."

As a result of the Buccaneers advancing all the way through the playoffs this season and winning the state championship, Abner has not had a lot of time to take official visits.

"He's been to Penn State (1/23) and Toledo (1/16). Stanford is still on him. I don't know what's going to happen. He's been playing basketball and his score wasn't high enough, so he's still waiting for a test score there. He scored pretty high, but Stanford wants him a little higher. He's got several school that are still--, in fact, tomorrow night, there's going to be about 3 colleges there to watch him play basketball. We won the state championship, so a lot of the recruiting started late."

Despite Abner's less than impressive numbers at a Nike Camp this year due to a slightly pulled hamstring, several other schools are courting him as well.

"A couple more, but until they commit to a visit, I really don't want to say anything. They're big major colleges, big ones."

Penn State appears to be very interested. Have the Nittany Lions offered Brown a scholarship?

"From what I understand, they really like him. We'll have to see what happens."

Maronto reported that Abner had a great visit to State College this past weekend. Michael Robinson was his host. Is Brown interested in the Nittany Lions?

"Oh, absolutely. He loved the visit, they loved him. Joe loved him too from what I understand.

"They're real high on him. They're coming back in again tomorrow night to watch him play basketball again. They loved him at Penn State. I've had like 4 players play for Joe."

Keith Karpinski, Jerrod Vance and current offensive lineman John Wilson are three Nittany Lions that played for Maronto.

"He's got a great upside," Maronto said regarding John Wilson. "I'd be very surprised if he doesn't really emerge just looking at the kids playing at Florida and Florida State, and knowing his ability. He's very talented. We'll have to see what happens there. John was one of the best pass blockers in the country coming out of high school. He's just a phenomenal pass blocker. Penn State's throwing the ball more, although they're [using] a lot of play action. I know he's working hard in the weightroom."

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