PSU Wants Michigan LB

Tim Shaw would be a tremendous addition to the Nittany Lions, who are in desperate need for LB help . Penn State has been going hard after the star LB/RB, and their interest is being reciprocated.

Name: Tim Shaw
Position: LB / RB
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 220 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.44 (Michigan Nike camp), 4.61 (Michigan camp - electronic), 4.43 (PSU camp)
School: Clarenceville High in Livonia, Michigan

"We're in the second round of the playoffs now, the district finals," Tim said when asked how his team is doing this year.  "We're 10-0 right now."

Tim now holds the Michigan state record for career touchdowns, and is closing in on the all-time rushing yardage record.

"I set the touchdown record.  The record was 98, and right now, I'm at 120-something.  I need about 200 yards to get  rushing record.  I had 318 last game.  I'm not worried about it though."

Although some schools are thinking about Tim as a running back, he is primarily being recruited as a linebacker.

"Michigan State and Penn State are my favorites, Michigan would be third, then Notre Dame and Purdue.  I have offers from all those."

Tim likes the coaches at both Michigan State and Penn State.  He is being recruited by Ron Vanderlinden, whom he likes a lot.  Tim says that Penn State would be the clear favorite if they were winning more regularly.

"There would probably be no doubt.  They've won a couple, but it's not the same as if they were winning every week."

Tim grew up a Michigan fan, but their lack of early interest in Tim has turned him off somewhat.

"I just feel like I went to their camp, I ran a great time at their camp and everything, and they didn't really look at me much.  Then, just all of a sudden, they came out [and offered]."

Tim attended a game at Michigan State against Iowa on October 13.  He is not sure he will take an official visit to Michigan State because he has been there so many times.  He is scheduled to take an official visit to Stanford on December 8.  He will take a visit to Penn State "for sure", but is not sure as to which other schools his will visit officially.  He will make his decision after taking all of his official visits.

September 7 LionNews article on Tim Shaw

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