"He's just so agile."

Penn Hills HS wide receiver <b>David Harvey</b> was Anthony Morelli's main target last season. A terrific athlete, LionNews caught up with both Coach Neil Gordon and David. Who has been showing interest? Who does David like? What are his plans for the spring?

Name: David Harvey
Position: WR
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175 pounds
Hometown/School: Pittsburgh, PA (Penn Hills SHS)

College coaches flocked to Penn Hills HS in Pittsburgh last season, hoping to land All-American quarterback Anthony Morelli.  Along the way, they had the opportunity to view the upcoming attraction, Morelli's go-to receiver, junior David Harvey.  Because of his performance on the field last year, Penn Hills head coach Neil Gordon expects a similar cavalcade of coaches through his high school office again this spring and fall.

Measuring in at 6'1'', 175 pounds, David was an All-Conference performer last season, but more importantly he was an all-everything team player for Penn Hills last season, specifically excelling on the offensive side of the ball.

"I think he's really been an offensive standout type person and I think teams are willing to keep him right there, although he's shown he's an athlete and can play on the defensive side of the ball," Coach Gordon explained.

"We tried to keep him off of defense last year as long as we could, but down the playoff stretch we used him at corner.  He returns punts, return kickoffs, holds on our extra points, so we tried to keep him out of defense as long as we could last year, but when it came down to crunch time, we used him."

Coach Gordon believed that every school in contact was looking at David for wide receiver, recollecting a play that particularly showed his athletic skills.

"He's got great quickness, great hands, great speed.  He's just so agile.  In our last regular season game, we had him at wide out and we were throwing a hitch pass where he was going to take two steps back.  The quarterback was going to throw it to him and he was going to throw it down the field.  A double pass type thing," explained Gordon.  "Well when the quarterback threw it to him, he threw it way too high over his head.  You had to be a phenomenal athlete to get up to get the ball and he jumped higher than I ever saw.  He caught the ball with one hand and as he was coming down, turned his body and the second he hit the ground, he set himself and threw a 50 yard touchdown pass."

"He's a great athlete.  A rare find, even in a program like this.  He does things you don't find done by many kids."

With his former teammates Anthony Morelli and (preferred walk-on) Joe Prokopik enrolling at Penn State this summer, do the Nittany Lions have the inside track for David's signature next February?

"I wouldn't mind going there," David said evasively.  Coach Tom Bradley is recruiting David for Penn State and the Nittany Lions may be very close to offering him a scholarship.

"They said they were going to offer me as soon as possible," David said.  At this point in the process, coaches cannot yet call seniors-to-be, but David has received tons of mail from schools all over the country, including his favorites Penn State, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Michigan, and Michigan State.

Who has been recruiting him the hardest?

"It's mostly Penn State."

Does he have a favorite?

"No, not really yet," David said coolly.  David did expound upon three of the teams that he listed as his favorites.

Penn State:
"They already have players going there that I know (in Anthony and Joe).  I like their campus.  I like the field.  I just like being up there."

"Pitt is nice too.  I don't know.  I really don't want to stay that close to home.  I'm trying to get away."

"That's where I was thinking I wanted to go, but I'm not sure yet.  I want to play at Michigan, I do, but I don't.  I just want to weigh all of my options."

Last fall, David attended games at both Penn State (vs. Ohio State) and Pittsburgh (vs. Notre Dame).  This spring he hopes to be at both the Nike Camp at Penn State and Joe Butler's Metro Index in Pittsburgh.

(Interview by Steve Curry)

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