Phillips Still Has Penn State in Top 2

Erick Phillips is yet another terrific running back from the state of Ohio. He currently favors the Nittany Lions, along with another Big10 team.

Name: Erick Phillips
Position: RB
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 205 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5
School: Hilliard Davidson High, Davidson, OH
Bench Press: 305 pounds

Erick is having another great season, and it's not over yet.

"We're headed to the second round of the playoffs," Erick said.  "We'll play Dublin Scioto.  So far, we're 11-0, we're having a great year."

Erick's top four teams are still Michigan, Penn State, Notre Dame and Indiana.

Which school is recruiting Erick the hardest?

"It's probably, between Penn State and Michigan.  I still get a lot of mail from Notre Dame, but I haven't talked to anybody yet."

Erick would like to take official visits to both Penn State and Michigan for sure.

"Those are the two that I'm most sure about, but as far as the other visits, I'll have to talk about it with my parents."

He still does not have offers in writing from either Penn State or Michigan.  According to Erick, both schools have told him that he would have the opportunity to play early if he chose their school.  He has visited both schools unofficially.

"When Penn State played Ohio State, we were down there.  It was me, my dad, and my mother.  We were set up to talk to Paterno, but that was his record-breaking game, and he was really, really busy, so we didn't get a chance to talk with him.  We talked to Jay, his son.  Actually, we stayed overnight there at a hotel and talked to Jay the next morning, and then they gave us a tour.  My dad and I had already been there before, but my mom was not familiar with the campus, so they took us around so my mom could see some stuff.  He (Brian Norwood) showed us the facilities and the weight room and all that stuff.

Did Erick's mom like Penn State?

"She liked it.  She thought it was pretty, that was her word."

Erick also visited Michigan unofficially last month with his parents.

"We went to Michigan when they played against Purdue.  Afterwards, we drove around on our own, but we didn't stay too long because we wanted to try to beat traffic back to Ohio.

"Both campuses are really nice.  I haven't walked around inside the classrooms and stuff to separate the two.  I can't put one up above the other."

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