Nittany Lions Pursuing D.C. Teammates

Dunbar HS in Washington D.C. is home to two major college prospects this year in WR <b>James McDonald</b> (right) and OT <b>Kevin Wiggins</b>. Find out why Penn State has offered McDonald and why they may offer Wiggins in the near future.

Lion News caught up with Washington D.C. Dunbar HS head football coach Craig Jeffries recently to inquire about WR James McDonald and OT Kevin Wiggins. We first asked about McDonald.

"James is 6-3 185lbs. He runs in the mid to high 4.5's. He's a crafty guy who will play varsity all four years and be a three-year starter when he graduates. He runs excellent routes and does all the little things…he leans on guys, gets guys off him, he's an excellent blocker, he fights for the ball…he has huge hands! The only thing some schools might be concerned with is his speed, but he's a player who runs right by people in pads. He gets open and he can catch with his hands".

Who is recruiting James right now?

"Penn State, Boston College, Pitt and Stanford have offered. James is qualified already, but Stanford's offer is conditional on James getting a 1080 SAT which is needed to get into Stanford. Maryland, Syracuse, and UCLA are also recruiting James, but they have not offered yet".

James has already seen Pitt. "We played Steubenville HS in Ohio last year. On the way back from that game we stopped by Pittsburgh and saw their facilities and took in a Steelers game. Their facilities are great. The Pitt coach who was recruiting James took a job at UCLA though, so that offer is sort of up in the air right now".

What about Maryland? "James likes Maryland, but they haven't offered yet". Boston College? "Keith Willis is recruiting James for BC. He's nice, but I'm not sure how far away James wants to go".

And what about Penn State? "Larry Johnson is recruiting James for Penn State. Penn State has shown the strongest interest really. They are really focused on skill players this year. James likes the idea of playing in the Big10. He thinks they are the best thing going".

You have a big offensive lineman that people are talking about in Kevin Wiggins. What can you tell us about him?

"Kevin is 6-7 and 320lbs. He's all of that. He's very athletic, he has great flexibility, he drives and blocks down real well. He's excellent in his kick slides in pass pro(tection). He does what I like to call fold and unfold out of his stance. He looks like he's 6-2 220lbs when he's in his stance and then he unfolds up and out of his stance and he's 6-7 320lbs. We play against mostly smaller guys and he moves out and gets them. What he does should be illegal".

Kevin was named to the George Michael Elite 11 Football Team and the Washington Post All Met Team after a stellar junior year. The all Met selection encompasses an area from Frederick County Maryland to the North to almost Richmond, Virginia to the South and includes over 300 schools from which to select players. Wiggins was the only junior on the all Met offensive line.

What schools are recruiting Kevin?

"Maryland, Virginia, Syracuse, Pitt, and Kent State have offered already. Lot's of schools are recruiting him though. NC State, Ohio State, Michigan, Miami, Florida and Penn State are all recruiting Kevin".

Coach Jeffries told Lion News that he thought, after having stocked up on offensive linemen last year, Penn State might take only one offensive lineman this year.

"Penn State is really looking for skill players right now. They took a lot of linemen last year. They might only take one this year. But Kevin's right up there".

Is Kevin going to any junior days?

"He's been to Maryland and he might go up to Penn State".

And what about camps?

"He's definitely going to the Penn State Nike Camp. I think he's going to try summer camps at Ohio State, Maryland and Florida".

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