Alabama LB Larry McSwain

Does the linebacker from Alabama have a Penn State scholarship offer, as has been previously reported?

Name: Larry McSwain
Position: ILB
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 230 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.6
Bench Press: 405 pounds
School: Vigor High, Prichard, Alabama

"Our season just ended in the first round of the playoffs," Larry said.  "Our regular season record was 8-2."

Contrary to other reports, Larry does not have an offer from Penn State..

"I haven't had any offers, but I've been receiving a lot of letters."

Some of the teams Larry listed as having been in contact with him are: Southern Miss, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU, Tulane, Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, UAB, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Penn State, Iowa, Texas A&M, UCLA, California, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Bucknell and Troy State.

"That's not all of them," Larry added.

Until now, Larry has been concentrating on his senior football season, and has not concerned himself with the recruiting process.  Now that his team has been eliminated from the playoffs, he will begin visiting schools.

"UAB and Auburn have been inviting me to a lot of their games.  I'm going to Auburn for the Alabama game this weekend. I went to their camp this summer.  I've been invited to a bunch of games, but I haven't been to any. This will be the first game I am going to.

"I'll probably be going to UAB on Thanksgiving weekend for a game."

Penn State had been in contact with Larry earlier, but it does not appear as though PSU is interested any longer.

"I haven't gotten mail in a while from Penn State, nor Michigan or Iowa. I haven't heard anything from those guys."

Larry currently has no favorites.

"One thing I'm concentrating on now, is getting into the weight room."

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