Slaton slated for increasing interest

<b>Steve Slaton</b> from Conwell-Egan HS has had increasing interest over the last few weeks. Which schools are recruiting him? Which position will he play? Will he be attending the Nike Camp?

Name: Steve Slaton
Position: RB/CB
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 190 pounds
40 Speed: 4.3 seconds
Hometown/School: Fairless Hils, Pa. (Conwell-Egan Catholic HS

Earlier this spring, Conwell-Egan Catholic HS's Steve Slaton won the Catholic League long jump springing 23 feet, 3.5 inches, good for the 6th longest jump in the nation.  A great track performer, Slaton is better known for his long runs on the football field, not his long jumps.  A running back and cornerback for Conwell-Egan, the 5'11'', 190lb Slaton went for 1626 yards on 209 carries as a junior.

Despite Slaton's athleticism and his 4.3 forty time, Steve has yet to be offered a scholarship by any colleges.  He has, however, received a truck load of correspondence from schools all over the nation including Penn State, Maryland, Michigan, Virginia, Virginia Tech, UConn, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Iowa.  Most of the schools just contacted Steve recently after receiving his high-light tape from his junior season.

Many, if not all, of the aforementioned schools could be offering soon based on both the tape and his academic records.  "A lot of people are coming to see my transcripts, my grades, before they offer," he explained, acknowledging that his academics would not be a problem, "I have I believe an 80 average with all of my grades added up."

At this point in the spring, Steve favors Penn State, Maryland, Iowa, Virginia, and Virginia Tech over the other schools that have contacted him.  He has been to Penn State and Maryland in the past and hopes to see both Virginia and Virginia Tech sometime this spring, although no plans have yet been formalized.

When did he have the chance to go to Happy Valley?

"I went to [Penn State's] summer camp last year and  I've been up there for track.  I'll be there again May 15th for the Nike Camp and I'll be there again this summer for their camp."

"I like Penn State because it's really high-tech," said Steve about the Nittany Lions' facilities.

Although he receives letters and has been invited to the Penn State Junior Day, the weekend of the Nike Camp, Steve has not yet had the opportunity to meet his area recruiter, new wide receiver coach Mike McQuery, yet.

"I did talk to Fran Ganter before he changed positions.  He came to our school for my transcripts at the beginning of this year and I bumped into him," admitted Steve, who is being by the Nittany Lions as both a cornerback and running back.

Slaton has also been to Maryland, a school that has become increasingly aggressive in Pennsylvania.  When was Steve able to visit the College Park campus?
"After they had the National Track Meet Championships in Maryland, I went the next day to visit," he said, explaining he also competed in the February 28th event.   "Maryland is nice because it has natural turf.  (The turf) just feels good."

Although college coaches are not permitted to call recruits at this time, it is legal for the individual to contact the coaches.  Has Steve been on the phone with any of the coaches recruiting him?

"I talked to James Franklin, one of the coaches at Maryland.  But that's pretty much it," admitted Steve.  "I also talked to one of the Michigan coaches over the internet."

With the appearance of plenty of offers on the way for Steve, what attributes will he be looking for in a college?

"Education and a good football team."

Note: Despite his versatility, Steve wants to play running back on the next level and stated he may rule out those schools who see him as a corner exclusively.  Every school in contact with him has told him they would give him a shot at running back, but this could be a holdup on certain schools extending him an offer at this point.

(Interview by Steve Curry)

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