Speedster Talks About Recent Visits

<b>Donald Brown</b> talks about his recent recruiting trips and names his current favorites. Included among those visits was a trip to Penn State last week. How did he enjoy Happy Valley? How interested is he in the Nittany Lions?

Name: Donald Brown
Position: RB, CB
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190 pounds
40-Yard dash: 4.27 seconds
School: Red Bank Catholic HS, Red Bank, NJ

"I had 1,151 yards rushing on 130 carries, I want to say 16 touchdowns, 271 yards receiving with 20 receptions and 1 kickoff return for a touchdown of 99 yards," said Donald of his junior season. "On defense, I had close to 50 tackles, 14 pass breakups, 2 interceptions, 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovery."

"I'd say shifty and fast," he responded when asked to describe his running style, "but I can move the pile at times when it's needed."

On March 15, Brown ran a blistering 4.27 40-yard dash time at a local combine. That mark tied him with Mike Brown of St. Peter's Prep for the fastest at the event.

"That was up at the Meadowlands at Giant Stadium. I think the name of the combine was Big Time Challenge or something along those lines."

What position is Brown being recruited to play?

"Right now, it's primarily running back. I'd pretty much play anything. It wouldn't matter to me."

Although he does not yet have any scholarship offers, his obvious physical skills have garnered him attention from many big-time Division I programs.

"It's mostly Syracuse, Rutgers, Penn State and Virginia. I hear from a lot of schools, but those are the ones that are recruiting me the most heavily. They're all recruiting me for running back."

"I've actually visited UConn, Syracuse, Ohio State, Penn State and Rutgers. UConn was April 10. I did Syracuse, Ohio State and Penn State this past week, from the 12th to the 16th. I went to Rutgers yesterday. I'm going out to Virginia and Virginia Tech this weekend. I think I might tape a trip out in probably May out to the Northwestern, Purdue, Notre Dame area, but I'm definitely not sure about that."

Brown, who made all of the aforementioned visits with his mother, visited Penn State this past Saturday.

"I saw the scrimmage. I really like the stadium [in] Happy Valley. I was a big fan of that. I liked the scrimmage. I like their style of offense, it's nice and balanced. They had a young team in the past, so they should be pretty good this year."

Coach Dick Anderson is recruiting Donald for Penn State.

"I got to talk to Coach Anderson and I met briefly with Coach [Joe] Paterno. He really didn't talk about football. He pretty much talked about how he actually used to live in Jersey, about 15 to 20 minutes away from where I live."

Which of the schools he visited stood out?

"Syracuse stood out a lot. I really like their program. I like their coaches. They really seemed interested and I was very impressed with their facilities. I'd say that Syracuse is my favorite right now.

"Penn State also stood out. I like their campus. I like their facilities. They also have a very good Kinesiology program which I plan on studying.

"Rutgers has really nice facilities. I really like their facilities. They probably have the best weight room I've seen so far."

What separated Syracuse from Penn State?

"Pretty much the interest level I'd say. I mean, Penn State was pretty interested, but they haven't seen film of me, so my coach was sending film out sometime this week. I thought they had tape before I went out. If I knew they didn't have tape, I would've dropped one off."

Syracuse has seen film.

Is Donald planning to attend the May 15 Nike Camp to be held at Penn State?

"No, I have a Shore Conference track championship that day. I told Penn State that I was [coming], but that just came up and I have a pretty good shot at doing pretty well in that so."

Does he plan to attend any camps this summer?

"Yeah, I think I'm going up to Syracuse and Virginia's Senior Camp Day and Rutgers."

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