NY DL Racking Up Offers

Penn State, Pittsburgh and Ohio State top a list of many major Division I suitors looking to make New York defensive-end prospect <b>Doug Worthington</b> a part of their program.

Lion News spoke to Chris Smith, head coach of bigtime defensive end prospect Doug Worthington at St. Francis High School in the Buffalo, NY suburb of Athol Springs. We wanted to catch up with Coach Smith for a quick update on how things were going with his preseason all state - and maybe all American - defensive lineman.

Coach Smith told us that Doug is closing in on 20 offers, "Penn State, Pitt, Ohio State, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Boston College, Syracuse, UVA, North Carolina, West Virginia, University of Buffalo and Alabama have all offered".

Coach Smith told us he expects Michigan, Georgia Tech, Wisconsin and LSU to offer soon as well.

Doug's father played basketball at the University of Colorado, but that doesn't mean Doug will be going to the Rocky Mountain State to play football, "Distance and location are going to be a factor for Doug. He doesn't want to go too far away".

Is there anything else that will play a part in Doug's decision? "Grad rates are going to be a big part. Then tradition, location and how fast Doug can get on the field".

Coach Smith told us that Michigan appears on the verge of offering Doug a scholarship. Doug also plans to camp there this summer.

So who are Doug's leaders? "Right now Penn State, Pitt and Ohio State are at the top of Doug's list. He camped at Penn State last summer and really liked it a lot".

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