Video of PA RB Arrives

Steve Slaton runs around and through the competition on as exciting a highlight tape as you'll see this year.

I received a copy of Steve Slaton's highlight tape from his sophomore and junior seasons today. One word describes what I saw - wow!

Steve isn't the biggest tailback you'll see this year, but he looks all of the 5-11 and 185lbs he's reported to be.

Steve's offensive line doesn't exactly open up gaping holes for him, but Steve hits the holes he gets very quick and very hard and he gets thru them mostly on his own. Even without the huge gaping holes you'll see some other tailbacks running thru, Steve still leaves most defenders grasping at air.

Steve possesses so much speed and shiftiness that, combined with his toughness, he's able to consistently get by the arm tackles that comprise what most defenders are able to throw at him.

Steve is bigger than most of the other real fast backs I've seen this year and faster than the bigger backs, but mostly it's the combination of speed and toughness that I really liked from Steve Slaton.

In my opinion, it's only a matter of time before we start to hear that Steve Slaton has major Division 1 offers.

Check back as we try and get Steve's video online in the coming weeks.

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