JoePa Visits Top PA Athlete

Multi-talented <b>Justin King</b>, one of the top prospects in the country, received a visit yesterday from Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno and Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley. What did the group talk about?

Name: Justin King
Position: DB-WR-RB
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 pounds
40 Speed: 4.24 seconds
Hometown/School: Monroeville, PA (Gateway HS)

"Yeah, he did. He came in this morning," Justin said Monday evening when asked if Joe Paterno made his scheduled visit. What did JoePa and Bradley talk about?

"Just making the relationship stronger, talking about early playing time, and that [Penn State] is probably the best place, there might be places just as good, but there's no better place, things like that. They were just talking and telling me stories about my dad, stuff like that."

What did they say about early PT?

"That they're in desperate need of skill positions and they are very slim at the cornerback position. I want to say they only have maybe 3 corners on scholarship."

Justin, who prefers to play cornerback at the next level, also recently received a visit from his other favorite, Michigan.

"Michigan came in last week. Coach Carr, Coach Loeffler and Coach English all came in last Thursday."

What did they talk about?

"Basically the same thing."

King is patiently evaluating all of his options.

"I'm trying to figure out, by the end of the summer, about 3 or 4 schools where I know I'm going to go to one of those four. Then I'll take my official visits to make sure. Some of the schools, I'm going to have to see how their season plays out, how the philosophy of the team goes and what they do with their young players, so on and so forth."

Is Penn State one of those schools?


Justin, who has previously listed what he likes about PSU, was very forthcoming when asked what reservations he may have regarding Penn State.

"Seeing how the team plays and if they come in with a different attitude. I'm not talking about wins or losses, it's how they play, because last year, they played kind of lazy and stuff like that. There was no effort there. If they come out and they play their young players and you can see bright spots that in the future they will be like a great team, then that will raise their stock in my mind."

Did Penn State make up any ground on Michigan the past few days?

"Some, a little bit. They showed how loyal they are because they had all the alumni back. My dad went up there and met all his old friends and they all came back, almost everybody that played on that team. They showed the loyalty and how Penn State is a family and that really impressed me."

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