Coaches Making Trip to Binghamton

NY WR/DB <b>Clarence Megwa</b>, who is being recruited on both sides of the ball, is still awaiting his first scholarship offer. Who is showing interest? From what school would he most like to get an offer?

Name: Clarence Megwa
Position: WR/DB
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 pounds
40 Speed: 4.43 seconds
Hometown/School: Binghamton HS, Binghamton, NY

Speedy Clarence Megwa showed his versatility last year by moving to quarterback from his wide receiver spot for a few games after the starting quarterback was injured. On defense, he played at both free safety and corner back and registered 60 tackles and 6 interceptions, returning two of those for touchdowns. Clarence scored 12 touchdowns overall.

We asked Clarence what he does best on the football field.

He responded, "My best is probably on the fade route, just running the fade route and jumping over somebody to get the ball and score a touchdown. Teams around here like to back off and play at least 12 yards off me or double team me. Coach wants to try to get more slants and more shorter routes if they want to play deep off me." What was his yards after catch average last year? "I think it was 18.3. I think that was my YAC."

Megwa has shown excellent ability on both sides of the ball. What position are colleges talking to him about?

"I'm being recruited to play wide receiver at some colleges and some colleges want me to play defense. At Wisconsin, they might want to recruit me as an athlete." What position on defense? "Cornerback. That's Boston College. Penn State wants me at wide receiver if they're going to recruit me. And Maryland, wide receiver too."

Clarence hasn't received any offers yet. Has he made any college visits?

"Boston College. I went to their spring game. Penn State, an assistant coach came up. I'm not sure what his name was. I didn't see him," said Clarence who has not yet spoken directly with a member of the Nittany Lion coaching staff.

Megwa continued, "Maryland, Mr. Taaffe (Maryland's Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks coach) came up. The assistant head coach from Wisconsin came up to talk to my coach. Mr. Walker (Running back coach) from Syracuse came up to the school to visit me too. He talked to the coach since he couldn't talk to me. Those are the only who actually came up to the school to talk to my coach about me."

Will he attend any camps in the near future?

I plan on going to the Penn State football camp. I'm not sure if I want to go to the Boston College one or the Maryland one yet. I'm definitely going to the Penn State one."

Any school he is especially hoping for an offer from?

"If I wanted to get a scholarship to anywhere it would probably be Penn State. I've heard the university itself is like a little mini-city so I wouldn't mind going there. It's close to home too. Not too far away from home. I'm getting a lot of mail from them."

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