Ohio LB Will Visit PSU

He will take an official visit to Penn State next month. He has already been to Happy Valley for an unofficial visit, and he liked what he saw.

Name: Jerrmel Turnage
Position: OLB / TE
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 213 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.65 (University of Cincinnati Camp), 4.63 (Ohio State Camp)
School: North College Hills High School, Cincinnati, Ohio
Bench Press: 365 pounds

The season ended for the North College Hills High School football team on Friday, November 17.

"We lost, 34-32," star running back Donnie Johnson said..  "We missed a 2-point conversion with 2 minutes left, and lost the game."

Donnie carried the ball 21 times for 235 yards and 3 touchdowns, but was caught behind the line of scrimmage during the 2-point conversion attempt as a result of a missed block.

Donnie has been offered by Penn State, and favors the Nittany Lions at this point.

"Yeah, they're still number one," he said.

He will visit Illinois officially during the last weekend in December.  He is also considering official visits to Florida, Florida State, Colorado and Maryland.

According to Donnie, Penn State has always been recruiting him as a running back.  He is being recruited by Coach Bill Kenney.

"He tells me how much they could use me right about now.  They have McCoo and Easy leaving, and only Pete Gilmore and a couple of other running backs there.  I can step right up and compete with them for some playing time right behind Larry Johnson.  He also tells me how great I'd fit into the offensive scheme.  My high school team runs about the same offense as they do, the power-I."

Donnie had planned to return to Penn State for the Indiana game.

"I didn't get to make it up there.  After we lost our game, I didn't want to leave the house.  I was going to go up with a friend of mine, who is being recruited by Penn State, Jerrmel Turnage.  He's an OLB.

"He had an official visit set up.  We didn't get to make it up though.  I was going to tag along.

"He went to the Ohio State camp with me.  He finished up second in the city in tackles for losses."

Jerrmel Turnage plays OLB and TE for North College Hills, and is also being recruited by Coach Kenney.

"He found out about me when I went up with Donnie on his official visit," Jerrmel said.  "We started talking about myself, and he said to make a tape of myself and send it to him, so I did.  We stayed in contact ever since.

"I gave them a partial highlight tape of me playing defense.  He just said throw something together real quick, put a couple of highlights on there and send it to him.

"My coach put it together for me.  They were highlights from my junior season, and the first 2 games of my senior season."

Both Jerrmel and Donnie thoroughly enjoyed their visit to State College.

"We stayed up there for one night.  We got up there Saturday and left Sunday afternoon.  It was beautiful, everything up there, everything about them.  Coach Paterno is very nice, the coaching staff is very nice.  They have state of the art facilities.  They are just nice people.

"I met Omar Easy, Kinta, Adam Taliaferro, and some others.  They are great guys, with great personalities.

"I talked to Kinta a couple of times.  I asked him what he liked about the school.  He likes basically the same things that I do, the facilities, the tradition, the coaches."

Penn State has not yet extended a scholarship offer to Jerrmel.

"He really didn't say much as far as an offer or anything like that.  He's mostly been talking to my mom.  He's talked to me about my athletic ability, and my potential to play there.  He really didn't offer me a full scholarship yet.

"I was supposed to take an official visit to Penn State on November 17, but we had a playoff game the day before, so we weren't able to make it.  But, they said we're going to set it up for the 7th of December.  He said that they invited a lot of the players that they are recruiting up there on the 7th of December, and that's when he wants me to come back up there."

Jerrmel has not yet received any scholarship offers, but he hopes that will change in the near future.

"I'm hearing from the MAC schools, the University of Buffalo, Toledo, Akron, Louisville, schools like that.

"But, my tape is not really out there.  My coach has just called schools.  Since our season is over though, we're going to put the rest of my highlights on tape and start sending them to different schools and see what kind of reaction I get.

Penn State is the only school that has received tape of Jerrmel, and is very interested in the LB.

"He (Coach Kenney) calls me probably like once a week.  Sometimes I call up there to see how everything is going.

"I sent the tape no more than 3 weeks after the Miami game.  He said I was a hell of a player, that I definitely have a lot of capabilities, and that I have a lot of potential.  He went on talking about some specific highlights on there, like how I take on the cut block, and how I use my hands real well.  He started going into specifics."

Apparently, rescheduling Jerrmel's official visit was Penn State's idea.

"Actually, he called me because he knew we were in the playoffs, and the game was starting at 12:00 the next day, Saturday, and we had to travel from Ohio.  He just wanted my mind to be ready to play [the playoff game], so he talked to my coach, and that's why we didn't go up on the 17th for the game against Indiana."

According to Jerrmel, he and Donnie Johnson are very close.

"That's my best friend.  We're trying to stay together in what we do.  I mean, we definitely like Penn State, and Donnie is definitely interested in Penn State.  I think they're number one on his list right now."

A commitment from Jerrmel to the Nittany Lions is a distinct possibility if Penn State offered the LB during his official visit.

"Yeah, I would definitely go to Penn State.

"It depends on what Donnie does," he later added.

Jerrmel will be sending his highlight tape out to a few, select schools.

"I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket.  I'm just going to send tapes to other schools to see what type of reaction I get.

"I'm going to send it to my top 5 schools, Florida State, Tennessee, Kentucky, Colorado and Maryland."

According to Jerrmel, he finished the regular season with 58 sacks and tackles for losses combined.

He is already academically qualified.

"I took the ACT this summer with Donnie, and got an 18.  My GPA is 2.9, almost 3.0."

Donnie, however, will not be tagging along during Jerrmel's official visit to Penn State on December 7.

"No, I have to take the ACT on December 8th," Donnie said.  "I took it this past summer and got a 16.  I just got some videotape preparing me for the test."

Donnie has a GPA of 2.8.

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