Penn State's 7th Commitment

Maurice Humphrey from Berlin High School in Connecticut decided to make it official. On Monday, he announced his decision to attend Penn State, and play football for the Nittany Lions.

Name: Maurice Humphrey
Position: DB / LB / RB / WR / KR / PR / K
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4 seconds (PSU Camp, Wisconsin Camp)
School: Berlin High School, Berlin, Connecticut
Bench Press / Squat: 275 pounds (bench) / 515 pounds (squat)

Maurice played several positions for Berlin High, helping the Redcoats to a 9-1 regular season record.

"This year," Maurice said, "I played running back, receiver, returned punts and kickoffs, kicked off, played linebacker and defensive back.  On defense, I played a monster back middle linebacker [position].  It's like a free safety / middle linebacker.  It's a middle linebacker, but it's like a roamer position, where you just go to the ball.

"I kicked off until I hurt my ankle about 3 games ago, and then I couldn't kick any more.  I played the rest of the season, but I just played defense.

"I had around 1,300 yards rushing and 21 touchdowns in 7 games.

"Actually, my cousin had more [touchdowns] than me," Maurice added.  "His name is Ryan Glasper and he plays wide-receiver  for Southington High.  He's a junior this year.  Southington is right next to us."

Unfortunately, Maurice's efforts were not enough to get his team into the playoffs.

"We just missed the playoffs on a tie-breaker with Staples," he said.  "We needed just one of our power point teams to win a game and we would've been in, and they needed six of their teams to win.  Six of their teams won, and none of our teams won, so we were tied.  But, they won the second tie-breaker."

Now that his high school football career is over, Maurice decided to put his collegiate plans in motion.

"I committed to Penn State yesterday," he said.  "My coaches called all the newspapers yesterday (Monday) and made it official.

"I just wanted to wait until after my season.  I wanted to focus on my senior year and not really worry about where I was going, because I didn't want that to affect my season.  After the season, I just wanted to buckle down and make a decision."

Maurice will most likely end up playing in the secondary for Penn State.

"They're looking at me mostly at defensive back, but I can play a lot of positions.  I think they're just recruiting me as an athlete, and will put me wherever they need me.  I'm thinking defensive back, because I'm being recruited by the defensive back coach (safety coach) Brian Norwood.  I'll probably play corner back."

Maurice had offers from Penn State, Wisconsin and UConn.

"Wisconsin and Penn State are two top teams, and they were neck-to-neck.  The main reasons I picked Penn State were number one, academics, number two, the coaching staff, and number three, distance.  Penn State is within 5 hours.  If I went to Wisconsin, it would be 21 hours away.  To try to get home on holidays would be tough.

"It was difficult to make a decision between both of those schools.  I liked them both.  They're two top schools academically.  At Penn State, 85% of their seniors graduate, and that was a real big factor for me in choosing Penn State.  My main objective in going to college is to get an education, because without that, I'm not going to be successful."

Maurice attended a football camp this past summer at Penn State for the third straight year.

"We always go to Penn State as a team.  When I went up to the football camp, I met Coach Paterno in his office.  We sat down for about a half hour talking and then he offered me.  It was me, him, my dad and our head football coach.

"At the Penn State camp, they have positions you usually go to, and participated as a defensive back and a running back.  When we did our one-on-one's, I basically played corner, and when we did our zones, I went back to safety.

"I met the whole coaching staff.  They're great.  When we were doing all the drills, they were in with all the kids, participating really well.  I thought it was real good that they didn't single out any kids.  They helped everyone out that was at the camp.

Maurice also attended a football camp at Wisconsin this summer, just prior to the Penn State camp.

"A lot of teams wanted me to go to their camps, but I couldn't because of school.  My parents allowed me to go to one other camp [besides Penn State] while I was in school, so I chose the Wisconsin camp.  I went out to Wisconsin and they offered me.  I met with Coach Alvarez in his office and he gave me the written paper.

"I played both sides of the ball [at the Wisconsin camp].  I played defensive back and receiver.  I guess they liked me at both positions.

"I also went up to UConn with my dad for a day, and they offered me there.  They also wanted me to go to their camp."

Maurice was also being recruited by many other teams.

"I got tons of letters from all different kinds of schools.  I got stuff from a lot of Big 10 schools.

"Virginia was recruiting me a lot because of Coach Al Golden.  He was a defensive coach at Penn State, and he liked me when I went to their camp at the end of my sophomore year.  Then, he transferred to Virginia, and just kept in touch with me, and really wanted me to go to a camp at Virginia.  I couldn't though, because I had finals."

Maurice is working hard to be fully qualified academically when he arrives at Penn State.

"My grades are good.  I made the honor roll 10 out of 12 times.  I'm still working on the SAT, to get the [qualifying] score.  I'm working hard at it.  When I took it the first time, I didn't have any Geometry or Algebra II classes.  This year, I'm taking both a Geometry class and an Algebra II class.  If I don't get the score, they said they'll still take me as a partial qualifier, but they really want me to get the score, so I'm working hard at it.  I take the SAT again this Saturday."

Maurice is only going to take one official visit.

"I'm taking one official visit to Penn State.  I'm really high on Penn State and that's where I'm going to go.  So, I'm going to take an official visit there in early January.  I think it's the weekend of the 12th.

"I'm just real excited.

"I always liked Penn State.  I think Coach Paterno is a great coach, and I like him a lot.

"I watch their games just about every weekend.  I like Zach Mills a lot, he's exciting to watch.  I just want to meet them all.  I can't wait to go there for my official visit."

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