Huguenot Group Back from Penn State

Coach Richard McFee and his Huguenot HS squad attended the third session of Penn State football camp this past weekend. The coach talked about the progress of his two standout players. Who has offered? Have they both committed? How fast is Kevin Cousins really?

Name: Kevin Cousins
Position: WR
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 190 pounds
40 Speed: 4.4 seconds
Hometown/School: Richmond, Va. (Huguenot HS)

Name: Sean Smalls
Position: CB
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185 pounds
40 Speed: 4.45 seconds
Hometown/School: Richmond, Va. (Huguenot HS)

Penn State received a bit of good news on Tuesday night, but it was not, however, a verbal commitment.  LionNews caught up with Richmond Huguenot HS head coach Richard McFee to talk about both Sean Smalls and Kevin Cousins.

Coach McFee and his team just returned from Penn State tonight.  How did the Nittany Lion summer camp go?

"Oh it was great.  The kids had a good time and they did well up there."

Kevin arrived on Sunday after "checking out" Ohio State on Saturday and was only there for the day because of summer school class on Monday.  Sean was there the entire camp, arriving with the team on Saturday and departing on Tuesday.

While Kevin already has a Penn State offer in hand, Sean received an offer from offensive line coach Bill Kenney while in State College.

"It's verbal," said McFee about the offer.  "We're waiting on Coach Paterno to get back tomorrow to get the written offer."

Penn State wants Sean (who measured in at 6'1'', 185 lbs) as a cornerback after he ran a 4.45 forty and 3.79 shuttle.  While the Nittany Lions have just offered, Coach McFee named quite a list of schools that have already sent written offer for Smalls in his office.

"He's got written offers from UCLA, Arizona State, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Ohio State, Michigan, Maryland, North Carolina, and Florida State."

With all of those offers from prestigious football schools, does Penn State have a chance with Sean?

"Yes, he just likes the university.  If he accepts there, he'll be our fifth player there since I'm the coach [at Huguenot HS]."

Does Sean have a time table as to when a decision might be made?

"I don't know, I don't know.  We'll see what happens tomorrow when we talk to Coach Paterno.  I'm going to have Sean call Coach (Paterno) sometime tomorrow and then we'll go from there."

Coach McFee also admitted that Sean and Kevin, who are good friends, do talk about going to the same school?

"It's a very good possibility," said McFee, adding that Kevin Cousins is committed to Penn State.

Coach McFee also cleared up the recent confusion regarding Kevin.  Besides Penn State, which schools have extended an offer to the wide receiver?

"He's got offers from the same people that Sean has got them from.  But, he's also got them from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, the Naval Academy, and West Point.  He's got a 4.2 academically with a 1250 on his boards."

Did Kevin really run a forty in the 4.6s at the Penn State Nike Camp or was there a miscommunication between parties?

"Student Sports must have had it wrong because he ran a 4.45.  I had two kids that day that ran 4.45s--him (Kevin) and my middle linebacker.  Sean ran a 4.51," Coach McFee explained, adding that Kevin ran a 4.4 at the PSU summer camp along with a 4.0 shuttle time.

Huguenot's summer camp tour is over with the exception of a visit to a 7-on-7 tournament in Alabama.

LionNews hopes to get in touch with Coach McFee sometime later in the week to see what transpired in the conversation between Sean Smalls and Coach Paterno.

(Interview by Steve Curry)

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