Brown Heats Up Penn State Camp

Wilson (Beddingfield HS), Nc. defensive end/tight end Everette Brown recently visited Penn State for their final session of summer camp. Did he like State College? Have the Nittany Lions offered? What other schools are in the running?

Name: Everette Brown
Position: TE/DE
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 238 pounds
40 Speed: 4.55 seconds
Hometown/School: Wilson, Nc. (Beddingfield HS)

Penn State has had some success recruiting North Carolina in the last decade.  During the final summer camp session (June 20-23), the Nittany Lions hosted another Tar Heel State standout, who made quite an impression on the coaching staff.

Wilson (Beddingfield HS) defensive end/tight end Everette Brown came to Penn State's camp with his team's quarterback and head coach, Tom Nelson.  During his junior campaign, Everette recorded 110 tackles and 8 sacks from an inside linebacker position, to go with 24 catches at tight end.  What did Everette think of Penn State on his first visit to State College, Pa.?

"Overall it was a really good camp.  It was different.  It was a little bit cooler and up in the mountains.  So the atmosphere [compared to Wilson, Nc.] was real different," said Everette, who continued, "In North Carolina, where I'm at, it's about 95 degrees everyday.  We left here about noon on Saturday going to Penn State and we got there about 8:30 at night.  It was 55 degrees.  We were like 'whoa.'  But it didn't take long to adjust to it.  I actually liked it.  I felt like I could camp for days."

"Overall it was a real clean campus.  Everything on campus was close together.  It wasn't real scattered like some of the campuses I've been to," stated Everette.  "I like the stadium.  They've got a huge stadium.  We got to go inside one night after the camp finished up and look around.  It was nice."

"[Penn State] was better than what I expected because I really didn't know what to expect.  When we got down there and started the camp, looking around on campus it was a whole lot better than what I expected.  I liked what I saw."

Everette, who checked in at 6'4'', 238 lbs, had more than ample opportunity to build a relationship with the Penn State coaching staff, particularly the coach in charge of recruiting him for the Nittany Lions.

"I talked with all the coaches, but mostly with Larry Johnson.  He's my recruiting coach, so we had a chance to talk.  I got the chance to get a feel for the campus at Penn State."

During the progression of the conversations with Coach Johnson, he mentioned what Penn State likes about Everette's on-field play and off-the-field attitude.

"They said they like my quickness--the way I get off the ball and my work ethic.  That's one thing they were telling me you can't teach.  I'm a guy that has the will to work.  They said you can't teach that."

While his hard work makes people take notice, Everette's quickness at the Penn Sate camp was displayed front and center for everyone to see.

"After I ran my forty they were really impressed," laughed Everette.  "My forty time was a 4.55.  That was my fastest forty time at camp so far.  The first time I ran it was a 4.62.  Then I came back and ran a 4.55."

"Then my shuttle time was a 4.3."

Everette stated that Coach Johnson and Penn State want him to play defensive end in college.  Is he being recruited to play defensive end by most other schools?

"The majority are.  North Carolina, Florida State, and Auburn are looking at me for tightend," noted Everette, who has 14 current offers.

"I don't have favorites right now.  Everybody's medium [interest level].  All the schools I can base it off of really are the ones I've been on campus to and truly got a feel for."

Brown has visited the campuses of North Carolina State, North Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest, and Penn State.  He also hopes to visit Virginia Tech, Miami (Fla.), and Florida State in the near future.

A future business man of America, Everette admitted that academics will play a pretty pivitol role in which school will ultimately get his signature in February.

"All the schools that I'm looking at have a pretty good business background.  Matter of fact, when we were up at Penn State they were building a new business school, where coach said you would be able to do it as if you were in New York Times Square where you're down there marketing and doing it live. That was interesting."

Besides placing an emphasis on academics, what other criteria will he be looking for in the school of his choice?

"I'm looking at the campus, the college town, my surroundings because that's where you're going to have to live the next four or five years while you're in college.  How can the football program help me in life and how can I help it."

Everette will attend two more camps this summer, Wake Forest and North Carolina, before he gears up for his senior season.

Did Penn State ask him when a final decision might be made?

"Yes sir, they questioned me on it.  I told them at first I wanted to commit before my season started, but lately I've been looking at all of my options, I'm going to wait until the middle of the season or right after the season.  I've got to try to narrow it down a little bit more to make sure I'm sure of myself."

With the way he heated up the Penn State summer camp with his forty time, the Brown's mailman should become accustomed to delivering mail with the Nittany Lion logo to their Wilson residence.

(Interview by Steve Curry)

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