Clark to attend Kiski Prep

After signing with Penn State in February, former Youngstown (Ursuline HS), Oh. quarterback Daryll Clark learned he will not be academically eligible to play this fall. He will now attend prep school, hoping to bring his grades up. Are the Nittany Lions still his choice? How long will he attend Kiski Prep? Has Penn State been in contact?

"This move that I'm making now is what I need to do," said former Youngstown, Oh. (Ursuline HS) quarterback Daryll Clark of his enrollment into Kiski Prep instead of Penn State.  Clark, who signed with the Nittany Lions last February, came up just short on his academic work, a combination of his grades and standardized test score, that he needed to be eligible to play as a freshman this fall.

Now Daryll will follow in the footsteps of a former Penn State great, running back Curtis Enis, who also attended Kiski Prep before enrolling into Penn State in the mid-90's.  Clark will head down to Kiski located in Saltsburg, Pa., a mere 110 miles from State College, on August 25th in order to get himself settled.

"I've got to report there and get my self situated.  I'll get put into dorms and all that stuff," said Daryll, who expects to be at the post-graduate school for nine months.

Because he did not qualify, Daryll's letter of intent to Penn State becomes null and void.  Does he plan on exploring his college options or stick with the Nittany Lions.

"It could open up, but I'm not going anywhere else," said Darryl frankly.

"I talked with Jay Paterno earlier today.  He just calling to check up on me and seeing how everything was going, like how my summer was, my lifting, and my weight," explained Daryll, who said he's up to 200 pounds but wants to hit 205 by season's start.

Did Jay Paterno indicate that the Nittany Lions are still interested in having him attend their university?

"Oh yeah!  That's another thing Jay and I talked about today.  It's a done deal.  They can't wait for me to be up there, wishing I was coming up this summer.  Same thing with me, but I've got to take this short detour."

When did Penn State find out that Daryll would not be eligible to play for them this fall?

"They had the Kiski thing in mind for a while.  It was like a just in case thing.  I really don't know when they found out where I was going or what I was going to do, but when he had talked to me today he sounded pretty sure I was going there.  I guess he had talked to the head coach from Kiski."

Daryll will again sign a letter of intent in February with the Nittany Lions.  He realizes that going to Kiski could really benefit him both academically and athletically because it gives him a years separation from Anthony Morelli and Paul Cianciolo, both incoming true freshman quarterbacks.

While it is guaranteed he will have to compete when he reaches Penn State, does Daryll know what the quarterback situation looks like at Kiski for the fall?

"I don't really know.  I know I'll have to work for it.  I'm looking to start up there and do some big things," said Daryll.

He does not yet know any of the students or football players at Kiski, but he has visited the school and came away impressed by his surroundings for most of the next year.

"It was real nice.  It was very impressive.  I didn't think it was going to be like how I saw it.  It pretty was laid out.  You have access to everything, so things are not really hard to get to.  It's all walking distance, kind of like a college campus except it's really small.  It's a nice atmosphere."

Although Daryll still needs to put the finishing touches on his academics, he is determined and confident that this time next year Penn State fans will be buzzing to get a look at their incoming freshman quarterback.

(Interview by Steve Curry)

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