Difficult Decisions Lie Ahead

West Deptford HS athlete Anthony Scirrotto has more difficult decisions than your average high school senior. He must not only chose a college but also a sport to play at that college. Which sports will he pick from? Which schools are his leaders? Is Penn State still involved?

Name: Anthony Scirrotto
Position: DB
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185 pounds
40 Speed: 4.5 seconds
Hometown/School: Westville, Nj. (West Deptford HS)

For most high school athletes who get offered a scholarship to play in college, the decision centers around which school's offer do I choose.  For Westville (West Deptford HS), Nj. athlete Anthony Scirrotto, the decision has become doubly difficult.  He now must decide not only on a school but also on a sport.

Anthony admitted that his current favorite schools are Stanford and Duke.  The Blue Devils have offered him for baseball, while Stanford has offered for football and will let him play baseball.

To add to the toughness of the decision, the Duke coaches seem very, very cold on Anthony playing football.

"I've talked to the football coach (Ted Roof) and I know kids have played both [sports] there but there have been a lot of problems and stuff.  Not problems but missing games and all that kind of stuff for football and baseball.  They don't really support it much," said Anthony, who visited Duke earlier this spring.

In addition to the two aforementioned schools, Anthony has football offers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Temple.  No one else has offered him for baseball.

In the past, Anthony has also expressed an interest in Penn State.  He visited the Nittany Lions earlier this spring for one of the Penn State Junior Days.  Are they still recruiting Anthony?

"They're still recruiting me somewhat.  It's slowed down from them a little bit.  But they're still sending me mail everyday."

Despite the abscense of an offer, the Nittany Lions still hold a high ranking in Anthony's mind.

"They're in the top five--probably third.  It would be Stanford and Duke and then Penn State, Virginia, and Notre Dame."

Anthony expects to take an unofficial visit to Stanford sometime within the next couple weeks to see the campus for the first time.  Will a decision immediately follow his visit out to the "left" coast?

"No, not any time soon.  Maybe after the fall or winter maybe.  I don't know; I'm not going to commit early."

At least he has one difficult decision made.  But many more exist before Anthony Scirrotto signs that letter of intent to accept a college scholarship.

(Interview by Steve Curry)

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