King Addresses Common Subjects

While roaming the field for pictures and interviews following Saturday's Big 33 game in Hershey, PA, LionNews bumped into <b>Justin King</b>, arguably the top senior prospect in the state of Pennsylvania. We, of course, were eager to see if anything has recently transpired with his recruitment.

Name: Justin King
Position: DB-WR-RB
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 pounds
40 Speed: 4.24 seconds
Hometown/School: Monroeville, PA (Gateway HS)

LionNews: Are you planning any visits in the near future?
Justin: "No, not yet."

LionNews: Who are your top teams right now?
Justin: "I'd probably have to say Penn State, Michigan, Florida, USC, and Ohio State, and Miami right now."

LionNews: Previously, you listed Penn State and Michigan as your top two teams. Is that still accurate?
Justin: "Yes."

LionNews: Do you have a favorite out of those two?
Justin: "No."

LionNews: You have two buddies at Michigan, right?
Justin: "Yeah, Steve [Breaston} and Ryan [Mundy]."

LionNews: Who are you familiar with at Penn State?
Justin: "I know a lot of people on the team, but none of my close friends [play for PSU]."

LionNews: Who is recruiting you the hardest right now?
Justin: "Probably Penn State."

LionNews: So, they stepped it up a little bit I guess.
Justin: "Big time."

LionNews: What have they (PSU) done recently?
Justin: "I get letters from Scrap, Coach Bradley. I get like maybe two a day, handwritten letters. They're long."

LionNews: What does he say?
Justin: "Just 'keep your head up' and he just gives me advice for every day, things like that. Just telling me how they need me at State College and all type of different things like that. It just reiterates it in different letters."

LionNews: What are the pros of both schools? Let's start with Michigan.
Justin: "They got a great winning tradition. They just ball, you know what I mean? They just do what they do."

LionNews: How about Penn State?
Justin: "I know everybody. I've been there since I was younger. I know the coaches because my step-dad went there and all that stuff. So, I'm real comfortable. It's like my second home."

LionNews: When do you think you might make a decision? Any timetable?
Justin: "I'd say mid-November to mid-December, hopefully November."

LionNews: How much of that time are you going to spend glued to the TV watching to see how those teams play this year?
Justin: "Every Saturday."

LionNews: Is it safe to say you want to see Penn State play with a little attitude this year? Last time I spoke with you, you said they didn't look like they played with heart last year.
Justin: "Not heart or attitude, it was the effort. It just didn't look like they put it out there. But, I know they have great players. People don't know it, but it's a sleeping giant up there and when it wakes up, people are going to be in trouble."

Justin at Big 33

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