Megwa Looking at a Leader

Binghampton, Ny. wide receiver emerged from his summer camp tour holding multiple offers. Which schools offered him? Who has emerged as his solid leader? Where does Penn State fit in?

Name: Clarence Megwa
Position: WR
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 pounds
40 Speed: 4.5 seconds
Hometown/School: Binghampton, Ny. (Binghampton HS)

It's amazing what a strong camp performance can do to really elevate a prospect's stock.  This summer Binghamton HS wide receiver Clarence Megwa attended three camps, bringing home offers from two of the three schools.

"Penn State is still evaluating me on my performance from the camp.  Coach McQuery said I did really well and they were going to get back to me on a scholarship offer and everything like that."

Clarence did receive offers from Maryland and Boston College based on his camp showing.  Although he is 6'2'', 190 lbs, Clarence hails from a region of New York not known for producing Division One talent.  He admitted that both schools were wowed by his athletic ability, leading to offers.

"(Boston College) said I had the fastest forty.  They said after my forty, they knew they were going to offer me a scholarship," said Clarence, who ran a 4.51 or 4.52 hand held time.

"(Maryland) offered me right after the camp.  They said I did a really good job.  I had the second highest vertical leap there which was 38 inches -- some kid had 39 or 39 and a half."

Despite impressing both the Eagles and the Terps and being impressed by their schools, Clarence is actually leaning to another school --Wisconsin-- which he came back on Sunday (July 25th) from an unofficial visit.

"The place is incredible.  The stadium is nice, new jumbotron.  It's incredible."

"They were the first school to actually offer me.  They offered me a little while ago while I was still in school.  They said just from my film that they wanted to offer me.  They said I was a play maker and it's not about me getting the catches, it's about what I do after I get the catch," explained Megwa.  "I went out there and met Coach Mason and Coach Palermo, I already met him when he was down here in Binghamton.  They are two great guys.  I met Coach Alvarez.  He's a really nice, laid back guy." 

"Right now, they're at the top of my list for going to college," admitted Clarence, adding Maryland is two and Boston College is number three.

Clarence mentioned that the Penn State, a school he had near the top of his list earlier this spring, may still offer.  Would that alter his top three in any way?

"I'd say thank you, but I wouldn't go there," said Clarence.  "Coach McQuery's been sending me mail saying they want me to go there, but they really haven't offered me.  If you want me to go there, there's no scholarship there."

"After going to the Boston College and Maryland camps, not to be egotistical, but they offered me right there.  But Penn State said they'd get back to me and when they said that, I think they just lost their place with me about going to college there.  It's a great place, don't get me wrong, but I don't think it's for me."

With Wisconsin seemingly having the edge over the competition, does Clarence have a timetable for his decision to be made?

"I want to make a decision sometime before my football season starts.  I know that, but I'm not really sure when.  Before then though."

(Interview by Steve Curry)

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