The Lion's Lounge: July (DL, LB, & DB)

Who are the Penn State coaches zeroing in on? Which bluechips have we offered? Find out all you need to know about Penn State recruiting in this edition of the Lion's Lounge, the most complete and fun source for Penn State targets on the internet.

With the exception of the news that some very high caliber players are looking very, very closely at Penn State, Nittany Lion recruiting news has been quite slow this summer.  In the next couple days, LionNews will review the movement and changes that occurred at each position in the recruiting process for those prospects considering Penn State.

Defensive Line:
Right now it's a bit unclear how many defensive lineman Penn State will sign with it 2005 class.  Incoming freshman like Mike Lucian, Josh Gaines, and Tyrell Sales still could end up at multiple positions which could effect depth.  While much uncertainty still remains, there is certainty in the fact that the Nittany Lions are recruiting some pretty highly thought of players.  Penn State has offered at least 4 defensive tackles and has been mentioned highly by others.  Their best shot appears to be Nittany Lion legacy recruit Walker Ashley.  A tremendous defensive tackle, Walker is not be recruited by Penn State just because his father, Walker Lee Ashley, played for Joe Paterno.  Walker is big, strong, and incredibly quick.  That is why schools like USC, Ohio State, Minnesota, and Oregon have been all over the Minneapolis star.  Another defensive tackles, Kade Weston has an interest in Penn State, right now the Nittany Lion appear to behind a number of southern schools, including the leader Georgie, for his services. 

Defensive end is the position most contingent on the incoming freshmen.  It will also be effected by the number of tight ends the Nittany Lions are able to sign.  Many of the prospects Penn State is recruiting can play either on offensive or defensive side of the ball.  The Nittany Lions have been mentioned prominently by prospects like Doug Worthington, Everette Brown, Jeffrey Fitzgerald, and Raymond Henderson.  While they lead for none, all have expressed interest in Penn State.  Worthington had an high interest in Penn State earlier this spring, but it seems to have shifted to Ohio State and others.  The Nittany Lions may still squeak out an official visit.  Both Fitzgerald and Brown have mentioned Penn State as a possible official visit destination, while Henderson lists a number of very high profile schools.  Pennsylvania star Kyle Newell had listed Penn State high, but now it seems his interest, like Worthington, has been looking elsewhere.

While Penn State has some very good young linebackers in Dan Connor, Paul Posluszny, Tim Shaw, and Dontey Brown -- just to mention a few -- they do lack depth.  The Nittany Lions have offered some of the top linebackers on the east coast, including Brian Cushing, Andre Mathis, and Jerome Hayes in addition to west coast standout Anthony Felder.  Cushing will almost certainly take an official visit to Penn State, but rumors persist that he's very, very high on the Virginia Cavaliers.  Mathis, who is almost impossible to reach and less than forthcoming when he is, sounds like he has slid the Nittany Lions down to the middle of the pack in his top five.  Penn State does not have a realistic shot at Hayes, who may have even eliminated the Nittany Lions at this point.  Felder (no he is not related to Gus!) has an interest, but its not certain whether he will visit Penn State this fall.

Defensive Backs:
With Penn State lacking corner depth and the nation's best corner sitting just hours away from State College, the Nittany Lions have made a big push to get Gateway HS star Justin King.  He could come in and contribute in a big way next season.  While it would be fantastic to get a player the caliber of King, Penn State needs more than just one player.  The only two other names on the list (as far as we know) are Willie Harriot and Sean Smalls and it is debated whether the latter actually has an offer from the Nittany Lions.

Penn State seems satisfied with the safety position at this time.

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