Hoping to Hear More From Favorites

<b>Brian Robiskie</b>, who played both wide-receiver and cornerback for Chagrin Falls (Ohio) last season made 50 receptions 743 yards and 11 touchdowns. His talents earned him offers from several schools including Penn State. How interested in he in the Nittany Lions?

Name: Brian Robiskie
Position: WR
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195 pounds
40 Speed: 4.5 seconds
Hometown/School: Chagrin Falls HS, Chagrin Falls, OH

"I have a couple of offers from schools in the Big 10," said Brian when asked which schools have tendered scholarship offers. "I have offers from Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota and such. But, I guess my big two that I'm considering right now--, I have one [offer] from Penn State and I've got one from Miami of Florida too. Those are the two right now that I am really taking into consideration."

Are those his top two teams?

"Those aren't my top two. I know schools can't talk to you until September 1, so I'll be waiting hopefully for a couple calls from a couple of schools also."

Which schools would he like to hear from?

"I was down at Ohio State for the last two days of their camp and when I left, I was feeling pretty good after the senior circuit, and I've been trying to get a hold of Coach Hazell the wide-receiver's coach to talk to him a little bit. So, I'm hoping I hear from them on the 1st. I hope to hear a little bit from SC (Southern California) and Michigan as well."

Brian has previously spoken with coaches from both Michigan and USC.

Did Brian grow up an Ohio State fan?

"No, I'm not from Ohio. I was born in Los Angeles, that's when my dad was out there coaching with the Raiders. I've been in Ohio now for three years, but since I've been in Ohio, I've definitely been an Ohio State fan."

How interested do the Buckeyes appear to be?

"I was talking to Coach Tucker, the guy that recruits my area, [after the camp] and when I left I felt pretty good about it and I'm just excited to hear from them again."

Miami was one of the first schools to get back to Brian after his coach sent out highlight tapes. A scholarship offer from the Hurricanes certainly speaks to Brian's abilities.

"Miami offered me going into the summer. It was maybe a month and a half ago. The wide-receiver's coach, Curtis Johnson, was writing me notes, writing me notes, so I went ahead and just gave him a call and I was asking him a couple questions. That was my plan going into [the call], but he told me right then and there that I definitely had a scholarship from them and I got it a little later. That was a real good feeling. Miami is one of my top choices."

Penn State has also offered in writing.

"That was my first one. That was probably right toward the end of track season, when school was still going on. Coach [Jay] Paterno told me through letters and such that I probably would be receiving one when they got back to their offices after the recruiting month they had and I did."

Which of his favorites has he visited?

"I actually stopped by all the schools that I was hoping to hear from. I was up to a game at Michigan and I got a chance to visit SC this summer a little bit, I've seen Miami and I've been to Ohio State more than once.

"I was at Penn State for their pro day two years ago and I was back up there this past year with my dad again," said Brian whose father is the Offensive Coordinator for the Cleveland Browns. "So, I've been up there twice."

What is he looking for in a prospective school?

"I think I'm just looking for a team with a lot of tradition and definitely an academic challenge. I know nothing is guaranteed after the college level, so I definitely want a school that provides me with an academic challenge as well and has that tradition of excellence."

What does Brian like about each of his two favorites that have already offered?

Penn State: "I liked Penn State when I was up there for their pro day. I got a chance to visit their facilities a little bit. We also had a fullback who just got drafted into the NFL, Sean McHugh by the Titans, and he came out of my high school as well. Talking to him and the coaches, he said it was nothing but a great experience for him. Everything from how the coaches treat you to the fan base up there is just really, really good."

Miami: "Miami, from the amount of players they put into the NFL each year to the number of connections they have with the NFL--. Also, my dad just telling me every time he goes down there about the quality of players that they put out every year and the quality of players that Miami has."

Are the in-state Buckeyes his current favorite?

"No, I don't think I can say that right now, that they're my favorite just because I've been down there the most. I think a lot of the schools I mentioned, I'm just really eager to hear from them hopefully come September. I don't really have a favorite though."

When does he envision himself making a final decision?

"I definitely want to take some of my visits in the winter, maybe not all five, but definitely take a few of them right after the season. Hopefully, if everything works out then, I can see myself making a decision in the winter, right then."

Brian, who may attend games at Michigan and OSU again this year, further clarified his interest in the Nittany Lions.

"I think I'm definitely interested in Penn State just because they were out there early. But, I think if I get a couple offers from more of these schools, that could be a school I don't really see being there in the end if I get a couple more of these offers that I'm hoping for. As of right now, just because they've been there since the beginning, so early, I'm definitely thinking about them."

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