Ohio LB Reschedules Visit

He will take an official visit to Penn State in January. He is very high on the Nittany Lions right now and is already academically qualified.

Name: Jerrmel Turnage
Position: OLB / TE
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 213 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.65 (University of Cincinnati Camp), 4.63 (Ohio State Camp)
School: North College Hills High School, Cincinnati, Ohio
Bench Press: 365 pounds

Jerrmel Turnage played OLB and TE for North College Hills this year, and is being recruited by Coach Kenney.

Penn State became interested in Jerrmel when he came to Penn State along with teammate and best friend Donnie Johnson for Donnie's official visit on September 1.  Since then, Penn State has received tape from Jerrmel, and has been impressed enough to keep in touch, and to set up an official visit for Jerrmel to Penn State.  Originally, the visit was scheduled for this weekend.

"That's been rescheduled for January 12," Jerrmel said.  "Bill Kenney came up to the school on Tuesday.  I met with him for about 30 minutes.  We were just watching some film and talking.  We looked at game film of Donnie and I.  Donnie and my coach were there too.

"Illinois was there at the same time actually.  They were upstairs and Bill Kenney was downstairs in the coaches office.  I went to talk to Illinois first,  and then I went down to talk to Bill Kenney.

"Coach Cassity from Illinois asked my coach for a tape a little while ago.  He told me that he's been real busy and hasn't sat down to watch it yet."

Jerrmel already received a qualifying score of 18 on the ACT this summer, but is taking the test again this weekend at the request of his mother.

"It was my idea to reschedule [the official visit to Penn State], because I have to take the ACT this Saturday.  I'm just taking it again to raise my score.  The next test isn't until February, so if I didn't take it now, I'd have to wait until February."

Jerrmel does not yet have a written offer from Penn State, but, according to Jerrmel, the Nittany Lion coaching staff has given him a verbal offer.

"Penn State offered already.  They said I can come in and have a good opportunity to play as a true freshman.  It depends, they're recruiting some other linebackers too.  They didn't really promise me playing time, but said I have an opportunity.  They said if you're interested in Penn State, Penn State's interested in you coming in to play for us."

Jerrmel, like Donnie, is very interested in Penn State.  The teammates would very much like to attend the same school.

According to Donnie, Coach Kenney will be back next weekend to have an in-house visit with Jerrmel, and another with Donnie.

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