VanAlstyne Visits PSU

Now that there has been a head coaching change at Notre Dame, Indiana LB Jeremy VanAlstyne, who committed to the Irish in August, decided to take a few other visits.

Name: Jeremy VanAlstyne
Position: LB
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 238 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.76 (Purdue Nike Camp) - "The coaches see me on film and they know how fast I am.  It doesn't matter."
Bench Press: 335 pounds
School: Center Grove High School, Greenwood, IN

Jeremy had a top 3 of Notre Dame, Penn State and Michigan before ultimately committing to Notre Dame in August.  As a result of the coaching change in South Bend, Jeremy decided to take a few more official visits.

Jeremy flew to Penn State this past weekend by himself for an official visit.

"It was good," Jeremy said.  "Andy Guman was my host.  I got a chance to talk to all the coaches including Coach Paterno and to hang out with the players.  I went there this summer, but I really didn't get to see any of the players or most of the coaches because a lot of them were out.

"I couldn't name all the players I met.  Tyler Reed, the offensive lineman, was cracking me up.  He's a really funny guy."

Has Notre Dame been keeping in close touch with Jeremy since the firing of Davie?

"No, I haven't heard anything from them since last Monday.  I don't know anything about [the new head coach].  But I'm going to take an official visit to Notre Dame and then I'm done with officials.  I was supposed to visit there this past weekend, but then all that stuff happened with the coach and they just said that I probably shouldn't come in.  I don't know what's going on there because I don't ever hear from them, not that much.  That's the main reason I took these other officials.

"I also took an official visit to Michigan a week ago.  That one was good too."

Did he like one visit over the other?

"No, I'm just thinking about stuff right now.  I haven't really thought about that."

Jeremy enjoyed both visits.  He had not been to Michigan before.

Penn State coach Ron Vanderlinden is recruiting Jeremy as a linebacker.

"Penn State's really telling me backer and Michigan's saying defensive end.  I played defensive end my sophomore year and then linebacker my junior and senior years."

Jeremy was paired up with J.R. Zwierzynski for most of the weekend.

"I hung out with J.R. for a while actually.  We were kind of divided up.  They wanted him to play linebacker too, so Coach Van took us around."

What is Jeremy's approach to the Notre Dame situation?

"I don't know, I just have to think about stuff.  I have to talk to the head coach."

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