Brown Ready For a Great Labor Day

Wilson, NC. (Beddingfield HS) defensive end/tight end <b>Everette Brown</b> will be witness to one of the nation's best rivalries and an intriguing early season matchup on Labor Day. Will his visit be an official or unofficial visit? Which schools still rank highly on his list? Has Penn State dropped off?

"I've set up an unofficial visit down to the Miami-Florida State game," said Everette of the new conference match up that will be played on September 6th in Miami's Orange Bowl. 

The 13th rated defensive end in the nation, Everette has thought about five potential official visit destinations, but has not finalized any plans to see college campuses.

"As of right now I don't have any [visits] planned.  I'll probably be going to some of the in-state school games and probably every weekend, I'll try to go see a game."

"I plan on taking all of [my visits].  Right now I'm going to have to say Florida State, Miami, Virginia Tech, NC State, North Carolina.  That's all I can really name.  Earlier in the summer, I was thinking about taking an official visit up to Penn State.  But I'm not sure.  I'm talking it over, but I'm not sure.  It's a good possibility that I could."

Did Penn State drop in Everette's eyes?

"Oh no.  They're still recruiting real hard.  This summer I went there for the camp, so I got a good feel.  Most of the places that I would take an official visit to will be schools that I'm interested in but also haven't really had a chance to get on campus," explained Everette, repeating that the Nittany Lions are still very much in contention.

Everette has seen both North Carolina and North Carolina State already in addition to Penn State, but he has not seen Miami, Florida State, or Virginia Tech -- all which have offered him a scholarship.  He is also still considering Duke and Tennessee, though they, like Penn State, may not get official visits.

At 6'4'', 235 pounds, Everette is listed as both a defensive end and tight end.  A recent report had most schools looking at Everette as a defensive end, is that correct?

"Yes sir.  The way it went is at first Florida State and North Carolina wanted me for tight end but they asked me which one I prefer and I told them defensive end, so they now its pretty much defensive end for all the schools."

While camping at Penn State, Everette relished the opportunity to work with a well-renowed defensive line coach.

"I enjoyed working with Larry Johnson, the defensive end coach, at the camp.  He's a real good coach."

Besides Coach Johnson, what else did he see at Penn State that would keep them in it until the end, even without an official visit?

"When I got back, I was telling my parents that I want to get them to see the campus and get in the atmosphere of the college to see what they think about it.  I like everything about them.  I like the tradition, the way the campus is set up," said Everette, who went to Happy Valley with his coach and quarterback.  "And then I like the scenery there.  It was up in the mountains."

"Coach Johnson writes me once or twice a week.  So does Florida State, NC State, North Carolina, Duke, and Virginia Tech."

Last weekend, Brown had his first opportunity to showcase his senior skills as Beddingfield HS opened its season against North Lenoir, winning 21-7.  Because North Lenoir ran a veer-type run dominant offense, Everette was only able to deliver two sacks, but he did cause a fumble with one.  On offense, he had two catches for 50 yards.

Everette said that Beddingfield's next opponent runs a shotgun offense, leaving the quarterback vulnerable and exposed to a cat quick defensive end.  While quarterbacks should be fearful of Brown's ability on the gridiron, Everette, himself, is about to be launched into some pretty treacherous waters.  With both Miami and Florida State on his list of suitors, who does he cheer for during the Labor Day match up?

"I'll be sitting on Miami's side, but it doesn't matter to me which one wins, I just want to see a good game," chuckled Everette, trying his best to be as politically correct as humanly possible.

(Interview by Steve Curry)

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