Top FB Talks About PSU Visit

Brandon Snow, one of the top FB prospects in the country, with dozens of scholarship offers, took an official visit to Penn State this past weekend. He gave the visit high marks.

Name: Brandon Snow
Position: FB / LB
Height: 6'1 1/2"
Weight: 220 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5
School: Newark High School, Newark, Delaware

Brandon's high school, Newark High, won its' fifth consecutive state championship this season.

"We are the five-time defending champions," Brandon said proudly.  "We beat Dover last Saturday night 28-24.  It was kind of a shootout, a good game.  We've won 34 games in a row, a school record."

Brandon can now concentrate on recruiting, and has begun to take his official visits.  His first was to Penn State this past weekend.

"It went well.  I went with my coach.  Tony Johnson was my host.

"I pretty much hung out with the other players, saw the campus, the usual.  I talked to Adam Taliaferro, Zack Mills, Eric McCoo and some others.  I got along with everybody well.  They're a fun bunch of guys."

Brandon also had the opportunity to talk at length with several of members of the Penn State coaching staff.

"We talked to Coach Paterno a lot.  He ate dinner with us on Saturday night.  And, Coach Fran was the coach hosting me, so we talked a lot over the course of two days.  I've had a real good relationship with him since my junior year, and Coach Larry Johnson is the coolest man alive."

What prompted Brandon to decide to visit Penn State?

"I do have an interest in attending there.  I've been there a few times and I like it.  I like the atmosphere, and I like the direction the football program is going."

Penn State is recruiting Brandon to play in the offensive backfield.

"They're looking at me as a fullback slash tailback.  I played tailback a couple of games this year.  We just experimented with it a little bit.

"The opportunity to play early is there if I want it.  Other than Larry Johnson, there is no other premier back next year.  They do have a few backs, but Fran was telling me he wants to go back to the Ki-Jana Carter, Curtis Enis type back, the big 225-pound back, the typical Big 10 back.

"He has two 190-pound backs, and one legitimate 254-pound fullback, but no potential Big 10 back.  They've been successful when they had that type of back.

"He said that's where I'll end up.  It's kind of like an all-around back."

Are other schools recruiting Brandon as a FB?

"Some are, Florida sees me as a single-back as well."

Besides early playing time, Brandon will be looking at "the strength coach, the direction the program is going, the coaching staff, things like that."

Did he get a chance to meet with Penn State's strength coach during his visit?

"Oh yeah.  His philosophy on it is a little different than what I thought it would be, and it's proved to be a good one.  I kind of liked his philosophy better than others.  It's kind of hard to explain."

Brandon rated his visit highly.

"I'd give it an 8.5.  It helped.  I definitely have an interest in them."

Brandon will visit Maryland this weekend, Florida on the 11th of January, Virginia on the 18th, and Miami on the 25th.

Is Brandon saving Miami last for a reason?

"Just so I make sure I take 5 visits.  It's a great school.  You play with some of the best talent in the country, and get to see what your talent is in comparison.  If you get the chance to play with those guys, you're pretty much on top of the totem pole.  If I do develop aspirations to go to the League, that's the place to go and get it.

"They don't really have a true fullback.  They just have lots and lots of running backs.  They don't have the typical fullback.  I guess that's the mode I fit."

Brandon claims to have no favorite team at this time.

"I don't have a favorite team or anything like that.  It's pretty much spread across the board."

Brandon is awaiting the SAT results from his December retake.

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