NC TE/DE Aaron Kirkland

Aaron Kirkland is currently ranked as the 7th best TE prospect in the country by Is Aaron planning to take an official visit to Penn State?

Name: Aaron Kirkland
Position: TE / DE
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 250 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.8
Bench Press: 330 pounds
School: Jack Britt High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina

December 19 Article (Today's update follows)

Aaron earned the chance to compete in the Shrine Bowl this past weekend.  The Shrine Bowl is a high school all-star football clash between North Carolina and South Carolina.

"It was a good experience even though we lost 17-0," Aaron said.  "I played TE and DE."

Aaron is being recruited by several schools to play either TE or DE.  Coach Larry Johnson is recruiting Aaron as a TE prospect for Penn State.

Aaron already took one official visit to Michigan on November 30.  He has most of his other official visits scheduled.

"I took one already, and have some others set up.  I'm going to visit Maryland, UNC, Tennessee and Penn S--," he began to say before correcting himself, "either Penn State or Florida State.  I haven't decided between those 2, but the first 3 are for sure.

"Maryland is January 4, January 11 is UNC, January 17 is Tennessee and the 25th will be either Penn State or Florida State."

Aaron plans on taking all 5 official visits.

All of the teams mentioned have offered Aaron a scholarship except Maryland.

"They just started recruiting me about 2 or 3 weeks ago," Aaron said.

Aaron will be talking with his coach in the next couple of days to decide the location of his last visit.

December 27 Update

Has Aaron scheduled his 5th official visit yet?

"No, I still haven't," Aaron said.  "It's still between Florida State and Penn State.  I'll probably decide in the next couple of days.  My coach has been on vacation."

What does Aaron like about FSU and PSU?

"They're both big-time colleges.  I like big-time colleges."

Although Maryland started recruiting Aaron later than most schools, he has already decided to take an official visit there.

"My grandfather is up that way, so I wanted to see if I like it up there."

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