Has Brooks Set Up PSU Visit?

Ahmad Brooks is arguably the top linebacker prospect in the nation. He was planning to take an official visit to Penn State, but has had a tough time fitting it into his schedule. Has he set up a date for a visit to Happy Valley?

Name: Ahmad Brooks
Position: LB / RB
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 230 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5
Bench Press: 360 pounds
School: C.D. Hylton, Woodbridge, Virginia

Ahmad has not set up his official visit to Penn State as of yet.

"The last official visit I'm taking is to Tennessee on the 25th of January.  The next weekend is going to be signing day, so I can't take it."

Ahmad was surprised to learn that signing day is actually Wednesday, February 6th.

"Oh, it is?  I probably could take it then.  When I was talking to [Larry Johnson], I think he said that I couldn't take it then or something like that.

"I talked to him last week.  I think he said he's going to call me back.  Right now, I don't know.  I'll try to talk to him about it."

Ahmad would still like to go to Penn State for an official visit.

He visited Virginia Tech this past weekend.

"Yeah, I had fun down there.  I don't have a favorite.  I just checked out the school.  It was all right."

Ahmad is set to visit Florida State on January 11, Virginia on January 19 and Tennessee on January 26.

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