Marshawn Wants To Be A Nittany Lion!

Marshawn Harvey has decided that he would like to play football for the Nittany Lions. Penn State is recruiting Marshawn to play free safety.

Name: Marshawn Harvey
Position: QB / FS / WR / CB / LB
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 195 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.56 (at PSU camp)
School: Huguenot High School in Richmond, VA

In addition to attending a camp at Penn State this summer, Marshawn has been to State College for the Miami game, the Michigan game, and the Ohio State game.

Marshawn has been favoring Penn State for a while, and he recently decided to tell Penn State that he wanted to be a Nittany Lion.

"Yes, I verballed to Penn State last Friday.

"I talked to Coach Bill Kenney when he was at my school.  I didn't talk to him long, probably for about 5 minutes.  He was talking to my coach mainly."

The Nittany Lions like Marshawn's versatility and have verbally offered him a scholarship.  He has not yet received a written scholarship offer from Penn State.

"They're waiting for my SAT score to come back, but they said they're going to offer a full scholarship. I took the SAT again on December 1.

"I set up an official visit for the 11th of January.  My mom and my coach, Coach McFee, will be going with me."

According to Marshawn, West Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland and Michigan were also recruiting him, although he has not received a written scholarship offer from those teams.

Marshawn likes the "friendly atmosphere" at Penn State.

Marshawn fell on his left shoulder during a basketball game, but he said he will play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on January 5.

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