Virginia DB Takes Trip to Penn State

Virginia (Huguenot HS) defensive-back <b>Sean Smalls</b> took an unofficial visit to Penn State this past weekend and was in attendance as the Nittany Lions fell just short in their attempt to topple the nationally ranked Boilermakers. How did the visit go? Which teams does Sean consider his favorites right now?

Name: Sean Smalls
Position: CB
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185 pounds
40 Speed: 4.45 seconds
Hometown/School: Richmond, VA (Huguenot HS)

Sean made the trip to State College with his high school coach, Richard McFee, and several teammates. The group consisted of McFee, Smalls, Huguenot teammates Kevin Cousins (Penn State verbal commitment), Dedrick Epps (TE/OLB, 6-4, 227, Jr.), Bryan Hicks (OT, 605, 303, Jr.) and Omar Kizzie (QB, 5-10, 170, Jr., 3-year starter), as well as Jeffrey Smith, an offensive tackle from Varina High School.

Did the Nittany Lion coaching staff get a chance to spend time with Sean?

"They spent time with him, the defensive-back coach (Brian Norwood), the recruiting coordinator and Bill Kenney who recruits Richmond," said Coach McFee.

What position is Sean being recruited to play?

"Some [schools are recruiting him] as a corner and some as a safety. UCLA and Arizona State are recruiting him as a corner. Michigan is recruiting him as a safety."

McFee indicated that Penn State is recruiting Smalls to play either safety or corner.

Sean is planning to take an unofficial visit to North Carolina on October 30 to attend the Tarheels game verses the Miami Hurricanes. He does not yet have any official visits set up.

"We're waiting to see how we're going to end up in the playoffs. We're not setting anything up until after December 11. That's our state championship weekend. If we're in it, then we'll start visits after that. If we're not in it, then we can start setting the visits up if we ever get eliminated."

According to Coach McFee, Sean currently has 18 written scholarship offers. In which teams is his star defensive back most interested?

"Right now, I think it's Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and UCLA. I know he's interested in those," said Coach McFee adding that those schools are not Sean's final four.

McFee did acknowledge that Michigan and Ohio State may be Sean's two favorites right now with Michigan perhaps having the edge.

Penn State, however, did make a favorable impression on Sean and the rest of the group from Virginia.

"They always have fun when they go up to Penn State for football games. He enjoyed it. I felt like he is as good as any of those DBs that we saw in the game for either team. Maybe I'm a little prejudiced because he's my kid, but there's no question he can play on that level. In the game Friday night, he had an interception, he ran back a kickoff 86 yards, ran back a punt 57 yards and he caught 3 passes on offense."

The Nittany Lions have already received a verbal commitment from Sean's teammate, Kevin Cousins, who McFee said "caught 4 passes Friday for 121 yards and a touchdown". Is there a chance Sean could join Kevin at PSU?

"Sean likes Coach Paterno. I think that's a big help for the whole situation. That's why Kevin picked Penn State."

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