Georgia's Patrick Hall

Penn State is recruiting Patrick Hall, a talented athlete from Sequoyah High in Georgia, to play linebacker. The Nittany Lions, who have offered Patrick a scholarship, are high on his list.

Name: Patrick Hall
Position: QB / MLB / P / K
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 245 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.75 (timed at school)
Bench Press: 300 pounds
School: Sequoyah High School, Canton, Georgia

"I played linebacker and quarterback this season.  I was also the punter and place-kicker.  I was the place-kicker early, and then I became the holder when we got a guy who played soccer to come out."

Patrick has received scholarship offers from "Penn State, Florida, UNC and Georgia Tech."  Middle Tennessee has also offered.  Auburn and Georgia have not.

Patrick took unofficial visits to Georgia Tech and Auburn this year for a couple of games and some camps.

"I went to a Georgia Tech one-day camp, and I went to an Auburn passing league, which was like a mini-camp."

Patrick has 3 official visits set up so far.

"I have visits set up for Penn State on the 11th of January, Florida on the 18th and Georgia on February 2.  That's it so far.  I haven't set up a visit to UNC yet, but I'm probably going to set one up for the 25th."

Will he visit Georgia Tech?

"I don't think so, just because they haven't named a coach yet.  That threw everything off.  I don't know how I stand with them.  I talked to their running back coach a few times, but that's about it."

Penn State and Florida are recruiting Patrick the hardest right now.  He does not have a favorite at this time.

"I don't have one, I'm still undecided.  I'll probably make a decision around the 20th of January.  Basically, the top 2 that I have are Florida and Penn State.  I'm going to visit both of those, and, probably right when I get back, I'll know."

Penn State was the first to give Patrick a written scholarship offer.

"Middle Tennessee offered me before anybody, and then Georgia Tech, but it was just a verbal offer.  The first one to put it on paper was Penn State."

What does Patrick like about Penn State?

"I like the great tradition.  They are recruiting me as a linebacker and that's Linebacker U(niversity) right there.  It's big time college football."

Coach Kenny Carter is recruiting Patrick.

Florida and UNC are recruiting Patrick as a fullback.

Does Patrick have a preference as to which position he would like to play in college?

"Not really, not really at all.  I just want to get on the field."

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