Top Athlete Talks Penn State

Despite a season that has not gone as planned the Nittany Lions still remain amongst the leaders for the nations #1 player. Another of the nation's elite recruits could have a major bearing on his decision find out why? And who?

Name: Derrick Williams
Position: WR,CB
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 193 pounds
40 Speed: 4.3 seconds
Hometown/School: Eleanor Roosevelt HS, Greenbelt, MD

Eleanor Roosevelt (MD) athlete Derrick Williams (6-0, 193, 4.4) has absolutely no problem telling anyone what he expects at college.

"I want to be the guy under the lights, I want to be the main focus on what that program is built around," said Williams

Williams also knows that he can't turn a program around all by himself either.

"It takes a strong supporting cast, great players want to play with great players."

Obviously one has to ask then, how much will Justin King's decision affect Derrick Williams?

"It will definitely have an affect, 2 great players in the same program will definitely make that team better."

Williams took his official visit to Penn State on (10/31), his parents accompanied him to State College.

"My parents loved it up there, they said it was the best place they've been to."

But, did Derrick like it?

"It was a good visit, it was unique. The people are real nice and down to earth."

Who hosted you on your trip?

"All kinds of people but mostly Michael Robinson and Matthew Rice."

What were some differences between your Florida visit, and your Penn State visit?

"I liked both, at Florida I was walking around wearing a tank top. At Penn State it was a little nippy out. The weather was really the big difference but that won't affect my decision."

How has the Ron Zook deal affected your decision process?

"That has a big affect on me, people don't realize the head coach is a big reason why most player's like a particular school. I liked Florida mainly because of coach Zook."

How is the high school season going?

"Good we are (8-2) and we play C.H. Flowers in the state playoffs."

So when will fans know what school you'll be attending?

"Around December 20th I'll announce at my school, it will be on ESPN's Sportscenter. I will chose between 6 schools Penn State, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Florida State, Florida, and Miami."

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