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After boarding a flight in Santa Barbara, CA at 6:00 am, it was off to Los Angeles, then Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C., and then finally arriving in State College at 5:30 pm. Though too late to witness the Nittany Lions play Northwestern, he still had lot's to talk about on his official visit to Penn State, and he tells scout.com all about it.

Name: Lydell Sargeant
Position: CB/RB
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 188 pounds
40-Yard dash: 4.47 seconds
School: Cabrillo Senior HS, Lompoc, CA

Friday night Cabrillo (CA) suffered a (42-7) defeat to St. Josephs, Lydell Sargeant ran for 105 yards and a touchdown in a losing effort. Sargeant was disappointed after losing to the top team in the league, but he still remains upbeat and ready for action this Friday.

"We play our rivals Lompoc, if we win, we win our division," said Sargeant

Lydell did manage to get a few hours of sleep after his game, but his adrenaline was going as he was looking forward to his first official college visit. After his whirlwind flight Lydell arrived in State College at 5:30. He met his hosts for the weekend freshmen Tyrell Sales and A.Q. Shipley.

"That was cool because I already knew those guy's before I got there."

After getting settled in at around 7:00 pm he got to meet up with his old friend Justin King, Justin's stepfather Terry Smith, Shipley, Sales, Penn State defensive backs coach Brian Norwood, and offensive assistant/recruiting coordinator Mike McQueary and the crew went out to dinner.

"I think the place was called the Penn State Tavern, or something like that."

After eating dinner Lydell and Justin went to the dorms with several of the players and hung out playing video games.

"I went to bed early because the three-hour time difference got the best of me."

Since Lydell missed the game Saturday King filled him in on what he missed.

"He said the fans were chanting his name, and there were a bunch of posters with all of our names on them."

On Sunday morning Justin and Terry had departed for home, Lydell then ate breakfast with some of the players. He then took a tour of the campus. Then it was off to meet some of the academic counselors, and then he met the rest of the coaching staff.

"Everyone was real down to earth, the coaches, the players everyone. I really loved the whole atmosphere at Penn State. They make you feel like a family."

After lunch, it was back to hanging out with the team some more, and of course more video games. Then Lydell and the other visitors and their parents got to ask questions to some of the current players. Lydell's family didn't make the trip. During this time he met up with (NJ) lineman Dennis Landolt. As the questioning began the most commonly asked questions were geared towards the on the field struggles and how it has changed the player's.

"The parents all asked if the player's attitudes have changed due to the struggles they have endured. The player's though are actually up beat they have one of the best defense's in the nation, they are struggling on offense. They are not discouraged they know they are only a few playmakers away from being back at the top."

After the Q&A session it was off to Damon's for dinner. Sargeant got to talk to more players and coaches. As the visit went along one thing happened that was unexpected, but welcomed. It took the youngster by surprise.

"Everywhere we went the whole community knew who we were, they knew my name and everything. That shows me how much they love Penn State football and they want a winning team."

Monday morning Lydell got the chance to eat breakfast with Joe Paterno at a local waffle house. Paterno and the other coaches were discussing Lydell's future and how they would best use his skills.

"They told me what I could get from the University a solid education, the chance to play in front of 100,000 fans. They talked about how they can use my athletic ability as a playmaker."

Sargeant then departed State College at 10:00 am. He arrived back in California Monday evening. Did the trip meet or exceed his expectations?

"I knew a lot of the players, I met them before like Shipley, Morelli, Sales and a few others. The community really exceeded what I expected, I never thought they'd all know who I was that was nice."

Have you and Justin talked about the possibility of playing college ball together?

"We've always talked about that since we were young. We both have to make our own decisions based on what is best for each of us. I need to do was is best for me."

Was there anything about the trip that you didn't like?

"I didn't like missing the game, and I wish my parents could've been there. They've seen Penn State before and if I do decide to go there they will fly out and check it out before I sign with them or anyone else."

How would you rate the trip?

"I would say it was a (9). There wasn't much I didn't like. The fans knowing who I was before I got there and how the community supports the team was really impressive."

So you will still continue taking trips?

"I figured before I took any trips that every school I would go to would say and do the things I wanted to see and hear. I want to check them all out and see what's the best fit for me."

Sargeant will visit Oregon (11/12), Utah 11/19, then North Carolina (12/3).

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