Michigan Defender To Visit PSU

Ed Johnson from Crockett Tech in Detroit Michigan has an offer from Penn State. The 6'3" defensive line prospect will take an official visit to Penn State this weekend.

Name: Ed Johnson
Position: LB / DT / TE / OT
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 255 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.8
School: Crockett Technical High School, Detroit, Michigan

According to Crockett Tech head coach Steven McGhee, Ed Johnson will be going to Penn State this weekend for an official visit.

"He already took an official visit to Michigan State (12/7), and he has one other one, to Michigan (1/18)," Coach McGhee said.

Johnson did not take an official visit to Minnesota which had been previously scheduled for December 14.

How many offers did Ed receive?

"He had a lot.  We limited it down to Penn State, Michigan State and Michigan.  Minnesota, Georgia Tech, LSU, Northwestern, Vanderbilt and Indiana offered, and we talked seriously with USC.

Ed excels on the defensive side of the ball.

"He received 1st team All-City honors at linebacker, 1st team All-State at defensive tackle, and he made the Michigan Dream Team at defensive tackle.

"He played linebacker and defensive tackle, it depended on who we were playing.

"If I remember correctly, he ended up the season with something like 81 or 82 tackles, and he had 18 or 19 sacks.

"He also played some tight end, and when we really wanted to run the ball, we put him at offensive tackle.

"We finished 11-2.  We lost the City championship and we lost the game before the Dome in the state championships.  At one time, we were 9-0.

"Ed is quick off the ball. For his size, he can go.

"He's very strong and very smart.  He was our defensive captain for 2 years.  He would call the defenses on the fly according to the offense that was lining up.  He would automatically do the shifts.  There were times when, defensively, we didn't have to call a set.  He would call it immediately.  He's a player-coach on the field."

He is primarily being recruited to play on the defensive line.

"Penn State is [recruiting him as a] defensive tackle, Michigan State is defensive end and Michigan is defensive tackle, defensive line.  Michigan did say something about linebacker too.

"We talked about that because he wants to play linebacker, but he's going to get bigger.  I don't see him going anywhere and getting smaller.  So, he's going to go in and play defensive line."

Does Ed have a favorite?

"He doesn't.  He's a student of the game.  Any given day during the season, I can find him watching all types of film and breaking it down.  He wasn't just watching film of our opponents, but just in general, watching pro film, looking at technique, implementing it in practice and then trying to implement it during the game.

"He said something about maybe wanting to leave the state, but at the same time, his grandmother's here and she has a strong influence on him, so I really don't know.  I don't know which way he's leaning, I really don't.  As soon as he gives me an indication, we're going to have a media day."

Is Ed qualified?

"He got a 19 on the test in the 11th grade, and he's always maintained at least a 3.5".

Hopefully, LionNews will be able to get in touch with Ed this evening.

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