Ohio QB/S Vince Gliatta

Penn State has offered Vince a scholarship. The quarterback/safety prospect will return to State College on January 18 for an official visit.

Name: Vince Gliatta
Position: QB / S
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5
Bench Press: 225 pounds 11 times
School: Central Catholic High School, Canton, Ohio

This past season, Vince played quarterback and safety for Central Catholic.

"I don't know how many tackles I had, but I know I had 4 interceptions and returned 2 of them for touchdowns," Vince said.  "I think one [interception return] was for around 80 yards, and the other was around 60.

"I passed for over 1,600 yards and rushed for over 1,300.  I think I had 14 or 15 rushing touchdowns and passed for around 15 touchdowns.

"I have 2 visits set up right now.  I have one to Ohio State on the 11th and one on the 18th to Penn State.  I also have one set up to Northwestern for the 25th, but I'm not real sure I'm going to make that trip.  I don't know if I'll need to take it or not."

Vince also took an official visit to Ohio University in October.  He will not schedule any more visits.

According to Vince, all of the MAC schools have offered.  Penn State is the only non-MAC school to offer.  Northwestern and Ohio State have not yet offered.

Vince is now open to the possibility of playing a position other than quarterback at the next level.

"I was strictly being recruited as a QB at first, and then I kind of changed my mind when I started hearing from Penn State and Ohio State again.

"Penn State was not going to get another QB because they had depth at QB with Senneca and their freshman, but Senneca is transferring out.

"I'd get a shot at QB at Penn State, so it's both offense and defense. Ohio State is just mostly defensive back.

"Penn State said that I'd get my shot at QB, get my reps.  If I don't play quarterback, because they do have a heck of a player in Mills, they think I could help early at defensive back at the safety position."

Vince has taken unofficial visits to both Ohio State and Penn State during the last calendar year.

"During my junior year, I took an unofficial to Penn State, and then this year I went to Ohio State.

"The Penn State visit was for the spring game (April 2000).  We had lunch there, and the coaches were walking around greeting all the recruits. 

"I talked to the coach that was recruiting me, Jay Paterno, and then I got to talk to Joe.  It was the first time I actually got to see him in person.  It was pretty impressive.  He's a very impressive guy."

Vince will most likely decide between Penn State and Ohio State.  Does he have a favorite?

"No, I'm not leaning either way right now."

The fact that Ohio State has not yet offered Vince a scholarship is certainly a factor.

"That would be the one thing that would make me lean a little bit more towards Penn State."

If Ohio State offers, Vince's decision "will depend on my visits."

"[An offer from Ohio State] would be hard to pass up, but then a chance to play for Joe Paterno would be hard to pass up too."

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