Florida RB Likes PSU

He is a big, powerful back that caught the eye of the Penn State coaching staff. He likes Penn State's offense very much and may take an official visit to State College before signing day.

Name: Cedric Taylor
Position: RB
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 240 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5
School: Mandarin High School, Jacksonville, Florida

Cedric had a terrific year for Mandarin High, a Division 6A school in Jacksonville Florida.

"He had 27 touchdowns, and around 1,800 yards," Cedric's head coach Richard Burnoski said.  "He averaged 10.1 yards per carry on over a hundred carries, between the tackles too, tough yards.  He runs hard."

Cedric did not play on defense.

Penn State is very interested in Cedric, but has not yet tendered him a written scholarship offer.

"We're waiting to see the test score.  He hasn't received a passing score yet.

"Penn State said that they're not going to offer until he has a passing test score, and we're not going to visit until we're offered.

"We're getting the untimed test taken at the end of the third week of January.  We'll get it right back and then hopefully visit Penn State that first week in February.

"He gets to take the untimed test.  He's going to take it in hour sessions over a four day period, one hour at a time.  He got certified to take that test (due to a learning disability).

"They told us that if we overnight it, they can run it through and we'd get it back within 48 hours.  He'll take the test on Monday (1/21), Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday."

Cedric has recently taken an unofficial visit to South Carolina.  He took an official visit to Wisconsin this past weekend, and will visit Mississippi State this weekend.

However, Cedric is most interested in the Nittany Lions right now.

"Yes, that's where he wants to go," Coach Burnoski said.

"They expressed a lot of interest in this spring and all through this fall up until they saw the test score. They said it's going to be hard to get him in without the test score.  At that time, he wasn't certified to take the untimed test.  I called Coach Paterno back 2 weeks ago and told him that we're retaking that test and he seemed pretty excited about it.

"Depending on what happens with the test, there are a bunch of other schools that said that they can get him in without the test score and 'prop' him.  Iowa and Michigan State are a couple of them.

"We're going to wait to see what the best option is at that point.  Hopefully, he passes the test.

"He really likes Penn State and we're hoping that works out.  They like him at tailback and that's what he wants to play, and the other schools are all talking to him about fullback.  He wants to hear tailback unless it's a fullback oriented offense, which none of those really are."

Cedric also plans to take a visit to a smaller school in North Carolina.

"I have a visit set up to Catawba, a Division II school in North Carolina," Cedric said.  "I'm looking at Mississippi State and I'm trying to set something up with Penn State.

"Everybody is really waiting on my test scores, but they'll offer if I get my test scores.

"If I pass that, I'm set to go.  I'm looking at Penn State real hard.  I just like the offense, big backs.  They want me to play tailback.

"They say that once I take my test, and everything goes well, I can go up and take a visit.  If not, they're thinking about prepping me to their prep school."

According to Cedric, Penn State started showing interest in him last spring.  They saw him play during a preseason exhibition game, 3 weeks before the season started.

Cedric indicated that if Penn State offered and he enjoyed his visit, he would commit to Penn State.

What separates Penn State from the others?

"The coaches.  I like Joe Paterno. I feel like he's a good person.  I just like his system and the way he runs his program.

"Wisconsin wants me to play tailback, Mississippi State wants me to play both (tailback and fullback), the Division II school wants me to play tailback and I think South Carolina wants me to play a little of both too."

Cedric has never been to Penn State, but of course, that could change during the first weekend in February.

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