Big Maryland Back Chooses PSU

In addition to being a tremendous student, Chris Wilson is a punishing runner who had offers from a multitude of schools across the nation. He recently committed to the Nittany Lions.

Name: Chris Wilson
Position: RB / LB
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 245 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.6
School: Catonsville High School, Baltimore, Maryland

Chris was being recruited by many schools across the country.  This past Sunday evening, Chris Wilson informed LionNews of his commitment to Penn State.

"I orally committed to Penn State a little while ago, maybe two weeks ago," Chris said.  "I'm in the process of telling the other schools I've visited.

"I thought Penn State had the best opportunities for both football and academics.  I'm going to be afforded an opportunity to get into the honors college there."

Chris also indicated that his participation in the honors college might help Penn State recruit other high school football players seeking advanced academic programs.

According to Chris, Penn State is recruiting him to play tailback.  He didn't rule out the possibility of playing linebacker further down the road.

"There's always a possibility if running back doesn't work out and they feel I'd be a better fit at linebacker.  That's pretty much the way it would be at all schools."

The Penn State coaching staff has indicated to Chris that he could get significant playing time early.

"If I get the system well enough, they expect me to play and get 7 or 8 carries my first year.  If school turns out to be too much of a burden, I don't get the system or I'm just not prepared for my first year, they said I could redshirt."

The location of State College was very appealing to Chris.

"During home games, my family from my mom's side in Baltimore can come up and watch the games.  Away games are all over the midwest and my dad lives in Wisconsin.  He loves to drive, so when we play Wisconsin, Michigan, Northwestern, Indiana, all of them, he can just drive to the games."

Until recently, Stanford seemed to be Penn State's greatest competition for Chris.

"It was more or less [the coaching change].  That was the main deciding factor.  I didn't have too much faith in their football program over the next couple of years."

Chris will be taking his official visit to Penn State this weekend.  He has already taken official visits to Virginia, Michigan and Maryland.

According to Chris's high school coach, Warren Como, Chris had 1,608 yards in 222 carries, including 17 touchdowns.  He only played 4 games at linebacker, and only about 50% of the time during those games.  Injuries to other players necessitated Chris spending most of his time in the offensive backfield.

Coach Como also stated that Chris had offers from every ACC team, every SEC team, every Big 10 team except Wisconsin, Stanford and many others.

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