PA RB Nathan Schiccatano

Nate Schiccatano, the highly coveted athlete from Catawissa, PA, has taken just one official visit so far. That one was to Penn State this past weekend. Will Nate take any more visits?

Name: Nate Schiccatano
Position: RB
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 220 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.38 (his fastest time, timed at school)
Bench Press: 360 pounds
School: Southern Columbia High School, Catawissa, PA (9-0 record so far this season)

According to his father, Sam Schiccatano, Nate scheduled an official visit to Notre Dame for this coming weekend.

"Notre Dame (John McDonell) was in yesterday, and Coach Willingham called tonight," Sam Schiccatano said Wednesday evening.

"Coach Willingham called Nathan last Thursday and talked to him for a while.  Sunday, Coach Mattison called, and then yesterday the coach was in for 4 hours or so.  They said 'give us a chance, just come out and talk to us and listen to what we have to say and where we would like to use Nathan'.

"Nathan only took one official visit (Penn State).  Actually, that's one we didn't even need to go to because we knew more about Penn State than anywhere in the country.  But, he did because that was his number one school all along and he wanted them to be the first one he went to visit."

Is Penn State Nate's favorite?

"I would think so.  He enjoyed it at Penn State and he knows the coaches well.  It's just that he wants to be 100% sure and this opportunity came.  You don't ever want to come back and say, 'I wish I would've at least talked to them', and that's where he is.  He's taking his time.  He wants to be sure that he didn't miss an opportunity to check something out.

"We're going to meet with Penn State tomorrow.  Coach Anderson is coming to the house.  We talked to him today.  They're the coaches we're most comfortable with."

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