NJ DL Alford Commits To PSU

Jason Alford has decided to attend Penn State, and play football for Joe Paterno and the Nittany Lions. Jason was recruited by Penn State to play defensive end.

Name: Jason Alford
Position: DT / C
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 255 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.8
School: Orange High, Orange, New Jersey

"Jason did make a verbal commitment," his grandmother said Thursday night.  "We really didn't want it to get out until we told Miami, Rutgers and some of the other coaches that we were talking to.  But, he did.  I guess things get out."

Jason is on a school retreat and will return this weekend.

"Everyone is very friendly and outgoing," she continued.  "The staff is nice, the coaches were nice, the wives were nice.  We really enjoyed ourselves and I think he'll feel comfortable there.

"The academic department was really outstanding.  We talked to one of the professors that is in charge of the department in which Jason is interested, Graphic Arts.  He just blew Jason's mind with what they offer."

LionNews interviewed each of the recruits who visited Penn State last weekend.  The text below is the section of the article, "A Dozen Stories in One", written after interviewing Jason and his grandmother last Sunday evening.

From 12/16 article "A Dozen Stories in One"

Jason's grandmother raved about the visit to Penn State.

"It was great, I really enjoyed myself," she said. "It's wonderful up there. Everyone is very nice, very helpful. The school is terrific. The academics are outstanding. We met a couple of students who are in the field Jason's interested in going into (Graphic Arts), so they gave him some information on that. Joe Paterno is really very, very nice. For a man with his reputation, he's just very down to earth. And, his wife is nice. We visited their home. Fran Ganter is very nice also. Everyone up there is very nice. I enjoyed it."

Apparently, Jason had a great time as well.

"I liked it a lot," he said. "I give it a 10. We just had fun."

Jason Robinson was his host. He also mentioned hanging out with Michael Haynes.

Jason did not commit, and is still undecided between Penn State and Miami.

How was his Miami visit?

"I'd give that a 10 too."

He visited Miami by himself.

Jason is not taking any more visits.

Which coaches stood out this past weekend?

"My position coach, Coach Larry Johnson. He's a pretty down to earth guy. He's Christian and that's my background, so we pretty much connected. I like him."

Did he hang out with any of the other recruits there this weekend?

"There was nobody I really knew, except for Tamba Hali. We met at the Miami game."

"By next week, I'll probably have a decision made."

It seems as though Penn State has one major advantage.

"Being home is a factor. I'm not really sure if I want to go that far away."

Miami - "I like their defense and their tradition."

PSU - "I've been going there since my freshman year, so they've grown on me. I like that."

Penn State is recruiting Jason to play defensive end.

What's he looking for in a school?

"Graduation rates, playing time and team togetherness."

Team togetherness is "great" at both schools.

Has he taken a look at the graduation rates at PSU and Miami yet?

"Not yet, that's what I'm going to do sometime this week."

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